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Thread: Hello and Welcome New Members, Thread 10

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    * Crawls out from under a random bed *

    Um ... hi. I'm a Dust Bunny.

    I've been reading the comic for a few years now, but just signed on to the forum. As a dust bunny who lurks under beds, I don't get out much, so it was only two weeks ago that I found out Rich had hurt his thumb.

    Let's see ... hobbies include RPGs (I prefer Hero Systems), lurking under beds, and scaring the be-whatzits out of passing felines and canines.

    The avatar above is not actually my picture ... the closest I get is I sometimes pretend to be a wolf in cheap clothing.

    (Hobbies also include "lame puns." Yes, I chose the avatar specifically so I could make the pun. How lame is that?)

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