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    Default Re: The Culture explores 40K II: Now With 100% more Fanfiction

    Also, I've been reading 'State of the Art' ... and hoollyyyy @#$()*@ Culture Plasma Weapons outdoes Imperial, Eldar, Tau, or anyone else that you care to name. 10 km, with a near-instantaneous velocity, the ability to have the weapon shoot around corners, and do a crazy amount of options in how it fires, how quickly, how strong, whether it explodes on impact, etc. etc. On a hand weapon that is not considered military grade (ie, is civilian grade!) And it shot down a starship!

    This is... wow. To get near equivalent in 40k, you'd have to go to Titan scale plasma weaponry, at least. Maybe anti-orbital emplacement or voidship macrocannon scale. And as far as I know, only Eldar and Humans use those 'really big scale' plasma stuff; Tau energy weapons at a large scale seem to be Ion Cannons, though they have some of the best small (ie, tank) scale plasma cannons out there .
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