Leavenworth Smedry

[I should have expected this...]

Gunshot! Jack Frost exploding.

"Oh!" Leavenworth said, pleasantly surprised as Hank returned with the weapons rather quickly and insta-gibbed Jack Frost. "Well, that turned out surprisingly well...now then, Mr. Horner, concerning Ms. Anarchy's wherea–"

It's Leavenworth's turn to have his eyes widen and his face crinkle into a look of dismay as Jack summons C–...that one guy.

He turns around, sword raised up in a threatening gesture towards the hooded man...who tightens his grip on Professor McCoy's neck and glares at the Smedry with a silent promise.

Smedry's eyes glare murder, he prepares to do something reckless–

But then he thinks about his options. Thinks about the stakes. Thinks about that strange alien boy.

His shoulders sag. He turns around to face Jack Horner.

"It seems, Mr. Horner...that you've won this long dance of ours." He replies. "I'll surrender to you if you promise to release my friend."

He flips his arming sword upside down and twists the pommel around 180º. A faint clicking noise comes from the sword's hilt.

"But I won't have you let him go only to have him meet a grisly end in this wilderness. Ms. Anarchy is the means by which McCoy can return to his own dimension: release her unharmed and without any ironic twists or 'letter of the law' cruelties, and I'll stop the countdown. If not...sometimes, a quick death for your friends is better mercy than other fates."

Leavenworth's features are set and tense...but his expression looks thoroughly beaten.

"What say you?"


The ticking noise coming from the sword...is just that. It's a ticking sword. They're very popular in certain parts of the Free Kingdoms.