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And wasn't that because he was disappointed with Nale?
I realise this is open to interpretation, but - no. I think it was because he's a narcissist who literally doesn't give a rat's backside about the life or death of any other being on earth, except in so far as it administers directly to his personal comfort.

If Tarquin were 'forced' to kill Elan[1], then I think he'd express a momentary pang of regret. I doubt he'd actually feel it, but he'd pretend to, because that makes his 'decision' more momentous and makes him personally look tougher in the eyes of everyone who witnesses the act.

So I'm pretty sure that any scenario that depends on Tarquin's love for his sons, or anyone else, is not going to happen.

[1] 'Forced' in the same sense as someone upthread argued that he was virtually 'forced' to order the deaths of Enor and Gannji - that is to say, the calculation of the moment makes him think that he 'needs' to do it in order to look tough.