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    Jack Horner
    Jack looks at you thoughtfully, a long moment, gauging you and weighing you the way he might look at a mark before deciding just how much it would be safe to fleece off them before they started to get suspicious, then shakes his head slowly. "No can do I'm afraid, my fine gent, even if you do throw yourself to the wolves. Dead or alive it is, and I suppose if you're dead-set on tossing yourself to the wolves then all I can do is appeal to your innate sense of decency not to squander a long and succesful life on an obscure point of principle."
    Then he smiles affably, and you could almost forgive him. A man as utterly despicable shouldn't be able to smile like that, shouldn't be able to come off as a lovable rogue and evade the consequences of his actions just by smiling, but Jack has made it into a fine-art. " But I'm afraid they know too much. They're being shipped off with you. Can't have them dropping a name to someone who'll know what to do with it, or plotting a rescue. Besides, while they're small potatoes solo, with Levenworth Smedry (dead-or-alive) then they're his infamous gang. But don't worry. Jack Ketch here is all booked up 'til June. They won't be meeting him anytime soon."
    Candle Jack glides down the road, leaving Beast bobbing weightlessly entangled in the rope, and returns leading the wagon. The internal combustion engine has been made redundant in Idris by the use of glass springs under the axles of the wagons, an invention so obvious it can barely be imagined that it wasn't once self-evident.
    "Now leave the sword right there, and get on board. Oh, and put the sack over your head, if you don't mind. Like to keep the ways secret." He says, then climbs aboard up the front, and takes the reigns. "Any time now is good."

    A tall, statuesque woman with redish brown hair pulled back in a pony-tail and horn-rimmed glasses steps into the office. She has a pair of very, very big guns (you don't often see girls of that calibre), and is dressed in a latex catsuit that makes her figure extremely noticable. For a moment she stares at you, at the state of the office, and at the files scattered everywhere, somewhat incredulous. Then she shakes her head, and raises an eyebrow.
    "Haven't seen Atticus, have you?" She asks sweetly. "We have a date." Something about her tone makes it clear that the guidance-councilor was very smart to attempt to make his escape.

    Batgirl, Maka
    You didn't see where Edward went, but given the army surrounding the school and the lack of cover on the school grounds, the only place he really could have gone after leaving the main building is to the small, carefully trimmed pines trees at the back of the grounds. That, or the groundskeepers shed, but that seems unlikely, given that everything you've observed of Willie would suggest 'dangerous lunatic'.
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