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The phrasing here is significant, though. It is not that she made an assertion that she can take Annie. It is that she said that Coyote knows that. And Coyote did not challenge the statement, which you would expect from an egotist of his caliber, especially when his powers are being questioned.
I don't know, he doesn't strike me as that sort of egotist. He treats Ysengrin, who worships the ground he walks on, with nothing but contempt and Annie, who acts in ways that challenge his dominance ("Spankies!") and generally treats him like an equal rather than a superior being, mostly with respect. In fact, I recall one of Tom's comments under the strips along the lines of "Coyote likes that Annie isn't afraid to shrug him off". And then there's things like this, which shows that he isn't such an egotist that he's unwilling to debase himself for the purpose of getting what he wants.

Also, he is a trickster god. Misleading others about the extent of his power would certainly be in character.

Also, "Are we getting into this again, wandering eye?" line indicates that this is not the first time that there was a conflict. So, while there is no way to tell for sure how far it went and if there was a physical confrontation...
Therefore, as I stated, we can't draw a solid conclusion about it. I do lean towards the idea that Coyote can't harm Jones, but the evidence, as it stands, is not conclusive.

...I am more inclined to believe that Jones has some evidence that she can't be damaged, or at least not damaged enough to lose the confrontation. She is not exactly a type of person that is given to bluffs and empty threats.
She has never encountered anything that is capable of damaging her. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, sure, but I wouldn't exactly call it a bluff or empty threat to act on a belief in her own invulnerability that has been reinforced by eons of existence without any challenge to it.