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part 7.5 Necrons
The Necron lord continue to prevaricate but we think that he is brushing around the edges of agreeing to a technology trade. Interestingly, he has been subject to less bouts of insanity than expected in the last week. Why this might be so is unknown but we think that the Necron lord is learning to work around the errors in his system.

Week 3
The Necron ship has arrived at an uninhabited star and proceeded to refuel before leaving to go to another star, its new target has so far been unsurveyed and no IoM reports on it have been found.

We believe that the Necron Lord has agreed to the technology trade. He will provide an unspecified piece of technology, but related to the Warp, while we will provide details on intelligence engineering and our star maps of this galaxy (including those taken from other races).

A torchdrive-driven (this was specified in the negotiations) uncrewed shuttle landed on the Necron World's surface causing significant collateral damage and left the cache of information with an expert system and the agreed to library of information. Necron troops were detected bringing the installation underground.

Shortly after that, one of the Necron ships in orbit boosted into a fast closing vector on our shuttle as it left the surface and teleported a small group of Necron warriors and a monolith onboard. This 'boarding crew' was swiftly disabled by effector and the shuttle engaged its hyperdrive to be retreived without incident.

A few days later, another Necron ship left the system along the same path taken by the first ship. This is also being tailed by a remote drone.

The Culture "attacks" the Necron tomb world (torchdrives on a planet surface may as well be a weapon) and the cache is left behind when they retreat. The Necron "retaliation" is intercepted and then both sides return to their ceasefire.

I suppose I can continue to do this song and dance routine every time the Necrons want to talk. =D