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Okay then, good to know.

Something I forgot to mention last night - the game doesn't seem to allow me to Shadow Strike Altases. Is that supposed to be the case, or am I hitting a bug?
It's their hotbox. Just like sometimes you can't biotic charge a target because there's nowhere for your character to be, you can't shadow strike an atlas because there's no "behind" that doesn't put you into a wall. Except for some reason the atlas has a crazy dumb huge hit box, for that. The only thing similar is the praetorian.

As for collectors being hard; they take less damage and deal more damage than they are supposed to. I've been able to shotgun several in the face and chip twir barriers, and it takes far and away more effort to kill them with powers. Found that out while getting challenges done with my paladin. They are literally, mathematically harder to fight than their contemporaries.