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So, to keep this vaguely pony, we know that the Wonderbolts are at least in part a military unit (as far as that goes), see Secrets of My Excess, probably as much as a sort of Red Arrows capacity.

But what do we reckon the royal guard are? Are they actually well trained and competant (like say the British Royal Guard, form which aforementioned sniper came from) or are they more sort of the slightly buffoonish, not-really-all-that-good because they've never been in a combat situation cerimonial- protection-only (sans Shining Armor, who might be the Captain because he actually has some skill...) or what?

I tend more towards the latter, seeing as even their Captain has ever showed any ability to do anything useful (looking at the complete lack of effect the Royal Guard had against any of the three big threats to Equestria) - though aside from the last one, that might be a bit unfair. But when six civilians put up a better fight than the entire royal guard (especially when they were supposed to be on high alert, and said civilians included a baker and a seamstress by trade...), it doesn't exactly do them any favours...!
I tend to the latter as well for pretty much exactly those reasons. The Royal Guard was on high alert and they crumbled like a poorly made muffin.

Also because it's much more amusing and explains why the Royal Guard never do anything useful. Plus it makes sense if you say Equestria has been in peace since Luna's time.

The reason everything is going crazy now is one part bad timing but also because they think Celestia has become weak, needing to depend on normal mares to defend Equestria.

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Ah, I see now. My early-morning brain had not considered that angle just yet.

Also good points. I feel I should emphasize also that the ragtag bunch of ponies does have access to Twilight, who is arguably a nigh Alicorn-class mage. (Not to mention Pinkie who regularly breaks reality over her knee)

Hm, and come to think of it, continuing on the infiltration point, if the Changelings had time to set up ambushes against known targets (in the Guard, for example) it would help explain why the fighting on their part was over quickly. The mane 6 had the benefit of dealing primarily with a single Changeling when the attack was launched, and Celestia seems to have occupied her attention enough to give them a sizeable opening. That would give them a much leveler playing field than many of the Royal Guards likely had.

Of course, this assumes that Chrysalis wasn't the only one in town before the shield went up, but all things considered, I'm not sure that's a completely unwarranted assumption.
Yes but they also have Fluttershy who wasn't in berserk mode and really isn't a fighter at all.

The infiltration is an assumption considering we see them attack from the outside. Not unreasonable sure, but still an assumption and failing to detect said infiltration doesn't speak well for them.