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    Alias: Deveric/ "The Chronomancer"

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Human

    Age: Unknown - However, he appears to be in his late 20's/ early 30's

    Alignment: Neutral - He views both law/good and chaos/bad as dangerous extremes that lead to unnecessary conflict and destruction

    Class/Profession: Chronomancer

    Power Rating: B+ according to Neon Knight's scale.


    *Ability to manipulate time - don't worry, he can't stop time, go back in the past/future, or anything else too ridiculous. Rather, he creates a bubble around him in which he warps time by slowing it down and speeding his own movements up.
    *An expert in wielding a scythe, he can create a downright terrifying whirlwind of sharp metal that can slash and eviscerate even the most staunch opponents
    *You need a good defense to protect yourself against powerful foes and because of this Deveric is well-versed in protection magic with spells like magic nullification and melee ward. He isn't trained in healing magic though.
    *Illusionary magic - Deveric also possesses the ability to create all sorts of mirages and phantasms that distract, confuse, antagonize, and terrify enemies
    *Age acceleration - by grabbing onto a person Deveric is capable of depleting a person's youth and vigor as they begin to rapidly grow older.
    *Is immortal in the sense that he can't die from age. He can still be killed through other means though.

    Description: Deveric has short platinum blonde hair with amber eyes. He stands at about 6 feet tall and has a powerful, lean body. His skin is mildly tan. See avatar to get an accurate representation of him.

    Equipment: Alongside wielding his unique scythe, Deveric wears plate armor underneath a red and ivory cloak with a hood he usually has drawn up. He has several small, unique clocks built into his armor on various parts of the body such as his arms, chest, and boots as well as on his scythe's blade. In addition, Deveric also had a belt of seemingly random keys that allow him into many places.

    Personality: As far as personality goes, Deveric is surprisingly charismatic for such a distant-seeming individual. While he generally only talks when it is necessary, he's not a recluse and has nothing against interacting with others. He's also what you might call an unfettered individual, as in he doesn't follow a rigid moral guide in achieving his goals. That's not to say he will go out of his way to harm someone needlessly, rather he doesn't have qualms against it if it proves to be necessary. You wouldn't necessarily know this from speaking to him however, he actually seems to be a generally good person.

    Backstory: One of the last of his kind, Deveric was a part of near-extinct group of people who were tasked with guarding time against those who would seek to manipulate it. This organization was also dedicated to stopping people who would drastically alter the universe one way or the other. Righteous Zealots and depraved monsters alike, Deveric made sure that neither extreme emerged victorious. He has since strayed from his duty after somethings happened in his past, yet still tries to uphold his values.

    Miscellaneous: Deveric carries the ashes of people close to him who have died.
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