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    Race: Bear with me on this. Half elf, quarter angel, quarter demon. Yeah.
    Alignment: Good
    Age: 16

    (Note this is Ary when she's 23, but the general idea of how she looks is the same)

    Aryna Firiat is the Daughter of Kelri and Al Firiat. Caught up during a timeshift before she was born, Ary technically doesn't belong in this timeline, nor does she have a father. While the timeline's alternative of her father believes himself to be her father, Ary isn't so sure herself, preferring to refer to him as her uncle. Because of this, Ary has discarded her family name, preferring to simply go by Aryna.
    Ary is a capable sword wielder, preferring to use a pair of katanas forged for her. She is also capable of fighting unarmed and can incorporate some measure of fire and teleportation magic into how she fights. Ary is fairly skilled with her katanas despite her young age, her fighting style is also based on a dual dagger fighting style, so can sometimes come across as needlessly flashy.
    While Ary has inherited the powers a goddess from the crystal guardian, she often refuses to use them. This comes mostly from a lack of confidence, but also a belief that she should work to improve herself on her own abilities. Despite this, she will use the guardian powers for healing magic.
    Ary's left arm is usually covered by a large silver guantlet, a red lens on the back of the hand, leading all the way up to her shoulder, this is due to a kind of corruption covering her left arm. The gauntlet works as a suppression device, Ary can control this corruption to some extent by filtering the corruption through the lens, but in times of extreme anger or need, the corruption can take over her entirely. Her left leg is an almost weapon-like prosthetic, made of a metal designed to counteract the corruption in her body. The leg is very durable, and has it's own motor drive in the knee, allowing Ary to move swiftly with it even when tired.
    Ary is a very quiet person, often preferring to keep to herself. she has an extreme dislike of killing, stemming from her perceptions on death, a kill ends not only the victim's life, but also any lives that could have come from that person. While Ary will kill monsters, feral creatures, etc, when she has to, she will feel violently ill if forced to kill any sentient or civilised creature. She's also extremely arachnophobic.

    She's also a little bit ditzy.

    (While I know some of this seems wierd, she's an established character from another forum, I've had to do some workarounds and such.)

    Ary talks in dark blue
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    Nexus Character: Ary

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