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    )(This is for Classic!Zane, not Mutant!Zane)(

    Name: Zane Darkstar

    Age: 27, possibly.

    Species: Human

    Alignment: Neutral/Bored Evil

    Power Rating: C to B-

    Weapon/Ability: A single-edged, two foot long elven shortsword, and a three foot long elementium cylinder which can expand and form into a double ended blade or split into two blades. His special ability is a unique, black fire. This flame can be "molded" as he wishes, and can be either hurled by hand or can coat his swords in combat. What really makes it special is that fearblaze "feeds" on fear...when it hits a person, if they feel fear at any time while they have flame on them, the fire burns at 10x the ferocity and speed.

    Description: Zane dresses like a ranger, with a dark green tunic, tan vest, and a dark, worn-out cloak. He has startlingly blue eyes. For his feet, he wears leather boots.

    Bio: In an obscure, mist-covered portion of a forgotten sea, there is an island. In the center of this island, one would see an active volcano bubbling with black magma. A small village hosts a mere fifty farmers. Great pyromantic secrets have dwelt with these people for centuries, one being the secret of the Fearblaze. Zane is one of 27 pyromancers who have ever had the Black Fire, all of whom originated on this island. Currently only three of these live. They all left the island at different times. Therefore no acquaintance has been made between any of them.
    If any of these pyromancers had been born in a different land, they would have normal flame, or nothing. The volcano is the source of their power. If it went dormant or extinct, their powers would fade or die.
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