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    Zane Grandworth
    Alias: "That Merchant"
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: Unknown
    Alignment: Unknown
    Class/Profession: Merchant
    Power Rating: C- (magic user)
    Equipment: He carries an ancient wizard staff with him.
    Abilities: Zane can cast a massive variety of spells.
    Backstory: If you see a young wizard with white hair that says that he is a retired adventurer, that would be Zane Grandworth. Having traveled so often, Zane has forgotten where he came from. His experienced magic usage proves that he is older than he looks. What he does now is simply selling things he has found in his travels.
    Miscellaneous: He has traveled to other dimensions and periods of time as well.

    And he has a talking black cat for a familiar. Zane calls him Charcoal.
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