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    Zman's Homebrew

    5e Homebrew
    Zman's 5e Tweaks V2.0.V2.0 Thread.Spreadsheet Analysis
    Zman's 5e Tweaks: Weapons and Armor V1.0.Zman's 5e Tweaks: E10 Variant V1.0

    Spoiler: 3.5
    3.5 HomeBrew

    Base Classes:
    Dragon Ascendant

    Zman's DnD 3.5 Overhaul

    Zman's E10 Variant

    Zman's Balanced(More) 3.5 Classes
    The aim is to bring the base classes of 3.5 to Tiers 2-4. This will result in an increase in power and versatility for some and a decrease in raw power for others. WIP. Note, the goal is to keep the existing architecture in tact where possible. These fixes will not be perfect, but they will go along way to making the game play better.

    WIP Core Classes
    Barbarian Fix
    Bard Fix
    Cleric Fix
    Druid Fix
    Fighter Fix
    Monk Fix
    Paladin Fix
    Ranger Fix
    Rogue Fix
    Sorcerer Fix
    Wizard Fix

    Beguiler Fix
    Duskblade Fix
    Warlock Fix
    Warmage Fix
    Wu Jen Fix

    Minor Magic Fix

    Need to do

    Non Core Classes(Probably in Order)
    Dread Necromancer Fix
    Factotum(Good as is?)

    Craven, Shock Trooper, Combat Brute, Power Attack?, Leadership, And so many more...

    Skill: Minor Revamp
    Character Creation: Point Buy, Wound/Vitality, Wealth by Level, ECL, Multiclassing

    Combat: Ranged, Offhand, Special Attacks?