Alias: None
Gender: ?
Race/Species: Imp
Age: ?
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class/Profession: None
Power Rating: D-
Description: See Avatar

Height: 1'0"
Weight: 5 lbs.
Hair: none
Eyes: Red

Personality: Always acting as a literal devil on Felandria's shoulder, his efforts have become less an attempt to damn her soul and more a way to amuse himself.

Having quickly realized Felandria to be far less corruptible than he first suspected, due to having met her shortly after she learned of her true nature and her destiny, he decided he'd be better off as her sidekick and drinking buddy, since corrupting the daughter of Zeus is way less fun than adventuring with her.

Equipment: A tiny bow and arrows.

Abilities: Standard imp abilities, as per the Pathfinder OGC.

Backstory: Styx attached himself to Felandria after she sought to destroy a cursed book that had poisoned Zeus, he quickly stowed himself in her hair, at first, Styx tried his best to corrupt her soul, but found his efforts fruitless.

Soon after, he resigned himself to being Felandria's companion, no longer trying to damn her, but always looking to find other ways to entertain himself, being careful not to anger Felandria too much, having discovered once that being gripped in a giant fist and getting hit with Shocking Grasp is not fun.

Besides, her hair is so warm and snuggly.