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    Jake Limbus
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 17
    Alignment: True Neutral, though he absolutely detests the alignment system back from when he used to play tabletop games himself. He believed that at the end of the day, there were no absolutes, and what was right and what was wrong was decided solely by one's own empathy and sympathy for others.
    Class/Profession: Slider
    Power Rating: OVER NINE THOUSAAA- No, actually it's just... say... Whatever an untrained pheasant's power level is. I'll check quickly.
    E- on Neon Knight's scale, level 1 on quinsar's.
    Description: Jake is a fairly short, thin pale skinned boy with mid-length brown hair and small blue eyes. As of now, his only T-shirt is a black one with a yellow smiley in the front (). He also wears a pair of blue nondescript jeans. On his left wrist is a small blue wristband known as a slider band.
    Personality: TBA
    Equipment: A broken 'slider band' - a wristband that allows him to travel between dimensions - and a backpack filled solely with chocolate, trail mix and a GPS that doesn't work here. No, not even some clothes. Well, yeah, some underwear, but that's it.
    Abilities: An unexplained immunity to most types of magic, as well as the uncanny ability to see the invisible, though he's yet to discover either of these. His wristband should let him travel between dimensions, but that thing's broken.
    Backstory: Jake was born in a universe not dissimilar to ours; actually, with the exception of the facts that Justin Bieber was mauled to death during his first live performance, or that John Lennon was still alive, it was an exact replica. When not playing DnD with his friends Samantha and Thomas - and he didn't play it often - Jake loved playing video games and reading books, sometimes even opting to write something before procrastinating and ending up forgetting what he was doing. He's also got a love for gambling, especially blackjack and Poker, though he isn't quite as good at the latter as at the former.
    His best friend, Thomas, was a genius that often worked on ridiculous experiments and tried - and failed - to create innovative pieces of technology. Then, one day, Thomas discovered that multiple dimensions did indeed exist! The boy created the slider wristband, tested it and then gave it to his good friends Jake and Samantha to become the first users other than himself. From Thomas' description of the Nexus, Jake thought he knew exactly what he was waiting for when he came here.
    He was wrong. So, very, very, wrong. And now, with his slider band broken and no way to get home, what shall he do? What path shall he take on the 'edge of infinity', as Zee so kindly put it?

    Name: Samantha Krynn

    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 15
    Alignment: True Neutral
    Class/Profession: Slider
    Power Rating: E+ on Neon Knight's scale, level 3 on Quinsar's
    Description: She has black hair and dark brown eyes, giving her an ironically 'wise' look, considering her amnesia. She woke up wearing her hair as a ponytail and wearing a dark blue hoodie and a nondescript pair of jeans. She has pale skin, and a small green 'slider band' on her left wrist. She also has a brown backpack.
    Personality: TBA
    Equipment: A small brown backpack consisting of trail mix, a GPS that doesn't work, an auto-filtering water bottle, a small swiss-army knife, an empty book - potentially a diary? - and a pen with multiple cartridges of ink.
    Abilities: None
    Backstory: Samantha was born and raised in the same dimension/universe as Jake and Thomas, and the trio often spent their time playing Dungeons and Dragons or doing other "Nerdy" activities. Unlike Jake, she was not very interested in literature or video games, finding sports much more appealing.
    When Thomas discovered the dimensions and created the Slider band, she watched Jake try it out and enter the next dimension. When she tried to travel to the next dimension, however, something... bad happened. The fabric between dimensions was shredded to pieces and two universes - one hers and one populated with small chaotic-evil impish creatures - began to merge. Sam fearfully slid from her dimension to the Nexus, not knowing that this fear would be the death of her...
    Now, she awakens in the Nexus with no memories but the occasional incoherent flash, and nothing to lead her to her past but the small green wristband she wears and the backpack she wears. It's time for her to begin her search.

    Name: Thomas Grayson
    Alias: Pending
    Gender: Male (?)
    Race/Species: Ghost/intangible spirit... thing.
    Age: 16
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Class/Profession: Slider
    Power Rating: He is literally unable to fight anything due to not having a tangible form. This also means that he is immortal and invulnerable to attack.
    Description: Thomas has no tangible form, nor does he have any visible form of any kind.
    Personality: TBA
    Equipment: No tangible form means no equipment.
    Backstory: Thomas was an incredibly intelligent student, though he always wore a facade of stupidity in front of all but his closest friends; Jake and Samantha. He enjoyed experimenting with the unknown, and when he found out about the multiverse, he was thrilled! He created a computer that allowed him to peek into other universes, and the first place that he found was the 'Nexus'. Excited, he began working on slider bands for himself and his friends.
    His experimentation, however, led to many unforeseen and disastrous consequences; he had torn the fabric that separated different dimensions, which would lead to the merging of the dimension he resided in and a dimension populated by unintelligent, non-sentient gray impish creatures.
    Realizing the folly of his actions, Thomas worked on all three slider bands and gave one to each of his friends, saving one for his friends. He purposely made them one-way tickets to the Nexus, as a way to help his friends - and himself - escape their dimension with their lives. Jake made it through with no trouble, and not suspecting anything. Samantha did not leave without seeing imps invade the earth, and her fear mixed with the unstable Slider Band gave her amnesia. Finally, Thomas, knowing fully well what would happen to his home and the inhabitants of his dimension, left for the Nexus with an extremely heavy heart. This guilt, mixed with fear of the otherworldly imps and the unstable Slider Band, caused Thomas to lose all tangible form and left him a shell of his former self, roaming the Nexus with absolutely nothing to do. Yay.
    Miscellaneous: He is a ghostly being with no tangible form and is unable to interact with the world around him. While he can make his presence known to others and can contact them with ease, only those with Slider Bands (IE: Jake and Samantha) can be aware of his presence and communicate with him without his consent.

    Name: Caleb Delect.
    Alias: The empty one
    Race/Species: Ghost
    Age: 1200
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Power Rating: E+/3
    Description: To those that can see him, Caleb is a cheery old man with dirty teeth. He has short white hair and is fairly chubby. He has blue eyes and tan skin no matter where he's been. He always dons leather generic clothes.
    Personality: He was a hopeless man that wanted more than anything to just be seen. Was. Now he has been seen, and this hopelessness has been turned to determination. Screw the Gods, he says, he's going to find a way to become a person again.
    Equipment: None.
    Backstory: All that is known about him is that he was cursed by the Gods and is now invisible and normally intangible to most people on the mortal plane.
    Miscellaneous: While he is invisible and intangible to all mortals (except, for some reason, Jake), that doesn't mean he cannot be sensed. Especially keen psychics are able to sense him, as can other ghosts, but only creatures in the immortal plane can communicate with him.
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