Brass Myr Mk.II

Alias: Mark, Mark-Two
Gender: None (prefers "he" for pronoun use, but doesn't mind "it.")
Species: Myr (Construct)
Age: Not recorded
Alignment: Neutral Good
Role: Assistant and Bodyguard
Power Level: D, in terms of combat
Description: As the image above. He's a little over two feet tall made of brass, with solid green eyes and a beaked head, although he has no discernible mouth, which makes the beak entirely aesthetic. He's slightly more bulky than the image, though, with more obvious seams in his chassis since plates move and come out when necessary. Still, when he's all sealed up they're rather subtle. His hands are a bit larger than normal proportions.

-He carries a Mithral short-sword on his back, although he has to wield it as a greatsword. It's moderately enchanted, but in combat this only makes it slightly more effective. Its true effect is that the Mk. II can detect its presence or general location if lost for any reason. Its metal and leather sheathe is decorated somewhat but otherwise ordinary.
-He also carries a small number of various replacement parts and scrap metal (many not even compatible with him) and a small amount of metal currency in a hidden "drawer" panel in his chassis, which functions as a Bag of Holding. Said panel was made to be particularly difficult to dispel while closed, since doing so would likely severely damage him from having the contents suddenly burst from his torso.

The Mk. II was made as a mechanist's assistant and bodyguard, and his repertoire reflects that. He has a very complete knowledge of complex machinery, specializing in its maintenance but also knowledgeable in the construction of parts. He's used to assisting spellcasters, but he himself does not comprehend magic. He can use essentially any tool, and anything reasonable can probably be found built into him somewhere or is in his "drawer."
He's a very competent fighter, making use of his small stature to strike in low areas or jumping up to strike at places out of reach. He's fast, strong, and is decently acrobatic, but any truly dedicated fighter would outclass him. Still, he is completely unperturbed by any damage short of removing/destroying his core and is surprisingly hard, making him able to fight on longer than a person. In times of emergencies he has a small, single-shot firearm concealed in his left arm. It must be loaded by hand (it takes bullets) and it isn't very strong, (we'll call it 9mm) so he only uses it if he somehow sees it as necessary.
He can also deliver electrical charges from his power source, for various purposes.

Bio: The Mk. II is powered by a complex battery system capable of being charged by nearly anything, although he often asks for aid in charging it due to a strong preference for keeping at high capacity at all times. He does, in fact, have a soul, stored in an armored Core of crystal. He is not aware of the nature of this crystal, instead only knowing that it is what makes him special and able to learn and experience emotions. If ever identified and questioned, he will not know where, what, or who the soul came from.
Despite not having actual programming, he understands the purpose of his construction and has developed a deep sense of altruism and selflessness. He has a sense of self-preservation, but will risk damage of anything short of his Core in the aid of others, and sometimes even that. His money is for purely practical purposes, and will give away funds he deems unnecessary to himself to any cause he feels noteworthy.
He spends most of his time simply finding people to aid in any capacity, usually no matter how petty. He may hesitate in doing extremely lowly tasks that would also get him very dirty, as he does have some sense of pride, especially for his shiny plates. He will not, for any reason, willingly part with his sword.

Backstory: The Mk. II is a prototype myr unit heavily customized for personal use. He was built from the ground up by his Master referencing the normal Mk I schematics. He was the first, last, and only unit made with a Soul Crystal Core. His Master built dozens of ordinary units though, and many with some magic abilities, although the man was a mechanist first and a mage second. The main was rather gruff, but treated "Mark" very well, although the little construct would likely have not noticed even if we was mistreated a bit. He gave him his sword as a gift to help in his duties ("It'll cut people, it'll cut animals, it'll cut were-creatures, and anything short of a demon, so you better take care of it, 'cause you're not getting another"), hence Mark's treasuring of it. The Master died of natural causes, and when Mark decided he would only be a burden to the mourners, he simply wandered off. He understands he's since crossed out of his homeworld, but he really hasn't particularly noticed.