i'll try and add:

4: the rejected: this guy wanted to play something with fractions (warrior 2/wizard6/ hamster 2/rogue14), but due to complicatedness was ruled out. so he plays dejectedly, trying to ruin the fun or die so he can roll his fraction warrior.

5: the mary sue: "my character is the best and should be the focus of the party! always! your character sucks!" this should be combined with any other munchkin or powergamer archetype for maximum annoyance levels when said character has a backstory that could fit on a stamp

6: the joker: his character is flavorful, but balanced solely to fill his comic relief niche. be it filling the tomb of horrors with flan or hiding a whoopie cushion in the lich's throne, he could have the potential to be gamebreaking if his need for comedy disappeared. dislikes: the 4th wall, serious campaigns

7: the team-player: his character is angled solely to help out the rest of the party. forget specializing, his job is to help out the other characters function to over 9000% efficiency. useless alone.

8: the leeroy jenkins: a powergamer gone bad, thinking his stats are enough to rush in and kill everything to death, forgetting strategy.

9: the pacifist: "hitting things is so distateful. can't we talk it out civilly?" may work on a corrupt king, less so on an undead dragon out for your souls

10: the munchkin: the gamer archetype on steroids. this is the guy who damns the fluff and creates a tier 0 character for breakfast, before hitting the negative tier levels for lunch

11: the cheater: "MY game, you all suck." to be kicked out. physically, preferrably

12: the adventurer: "i'll try this, i've never done it before" always ready to try new strategies and characters. his only problem is doing the same thing twice annoys him. a balance between a gamer and a storyteller.

13: the accidental hero: somewhere along the lines, the dice gods have favored him, and the synergies between his playstyle, character, and dice rolls have turned him into distilled awesomesauce, even though he doesn't realize it. must be stimulated to really play it through

14: the newbie: first timer, will try and get the hang of one class first before trying out another class. gets frustrated by difficulty, but willing to hang on for the rest of the team. can blossom into a paragon of roleplaying and gaming equally.

15: the grimlock: this guy will play the same character across multiple universes, never changing the backstory or stat equivalencies. although boring to others, if he's good, you know how he plays and could save your hide

16: the mr welsh: enough is said when the guy uses mr welsh's list as a bucket list to expand

(i guess you can combine a few together, but hey... i'm tired)
i'm somewhere between a storyteller and a team player, although i hate the 4th wall and survival horror. for me, rpgs without laughing are a perfect way to spend a bad evening.