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GM types

Mr. Conductor: this is his story, and you should be greatful to be able to see it unfold. It's funny how every option leads to the same results

Scroll Case: has everything planned to the letter, including several back-up plans for when the players go off rails. Has the stats and fluff for every random npc you are likely to run into. If you probe deep enough, you can find the whole life story of all of the city guard, the guard rotation, their kids, their pets, and which shops they frequent. You should probe that deep, since it will make this guy happy.

Saturday night at the improv: has nothing planned, never does. Often times there are no stats at all, he rolls dice and sees how he feels about them. If you roll a 22 and hit, and you buddy rolls a 23 and misses, and nothing changed inbetween, you might be dealing with this guy.

Yertle the turtle: thinks he's scroll case, but he spends so much time flipping MM pages during combat, that you can finish your turn, go to the quicktrip, buy some food, and come back before your next turn.

The Creationist: The DM who plans only a few steps in any direction within a loosely defined skeleton, rules are merely suggestions and the Creationist spontaneously creates any creature, monster, NPC, or establishment in the moment on the spot, similarly to the Improvisationalist but the Creationist uses real statistics and mechanics to create their workings, even if it may not seem that way.