The Grid Map General
This player scrutinizes every players actions in combat, haranguing anyone taking an action that they perceive to be less than optimal. The GMG may/ or may not also "advise" other players on their builds. However, often the GMG leaves this to other players as to not to appear too controlling. The GMG often takes the role of battlefield control, or preferably blasting, denoting control to another character which they direct in combat.

The Sideways Errant
This player is focused on the game, and is generally a good player. As one of the players "paying attention" they to find plots that aren't necessarily there. Sometimes these theories work in favor of the game, adding depth and strange possibilities to stories that would have been relatively strength forward otherwise. At the same time the Sideways Errant tends to go off on wild unrelated tangents of investigation or discussion on minor details unrelated to the main story, often sidetracking the party, possibly for entire sessions.