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    As a player: A little bit of everything, but mainly this: Link And I usually tend to feel like this: Linky

    Given how messed up and dysfunctional our party is. We have three powergamers and me, plus our newbish DM who lets the powergamers get with nearly everything. Seriously, our party is messed up. It sucks alot and i keep dreaming of finding another gaming group that works in terms of availability to play with.

    An Example: Our current, the party's alignment is fairly neutral all across. Through some odd fashion the party is slowing slipping into being an evil party.

    I think my DM style is this:

    Stark Raving Mad-Your players are uncontrollable short of murdering them. They always powergamer and despite how many times you try to make things work, they always break the game. They can take just about any class/situation and completely brake it. You can never challenge them and have it work. Your only hope is to never DM again or run screaming away. Just RUN, RUN AWAY DAMNIT!!!! Save yourself!!!! oh, and your players? They BLAME you for the game not being any more fun after they break it!!!!
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