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Stark Raving Mad-Your players are uncontrollable short of murdering them. They always powergamer and despite how many times you try to make things work, they always break the game. They can take just about any class/situation and completely brake it. You can never challenge them and have it work. Your only hope is to never DM again or run screaming away. Just RUN, RUN AWAY DAMNIT!!!! Save yourself!!!! oh, and your players? They BLAME you for the game not being any more fun after they break it!!!!
you need my dnd dm: playgrounders, i give you:

the sadist: a dm so obviously enjoying in the suffering and torment of his players must be slightly nuts. he's the kind of guy of combining the tomb of horrors with a level one party of commoners, homebrewed freaks of nature making cthulu bow in shame, and adding 10 levels of traps. on every trap. with more traps on top of that. punishment for failing? he takes your character sheet and rips it in front of your eyes. he doesn't want you to die. he wants to shame and scorn you so bad you spontaneously combust. if (spartan if) you survive, you will reap massive benefits and (maybe) his approval. be ready for round two though.
stockholm syndrome tends to develop, however... you get used to it, i swear he's a good dm

my other dm is waaaaaaaaaay more lax in his playstyle, preferring to take a crazy story to its logical extreme, improvising nearly off the cuff. he's as much storyteller as he is the audience... he enjoys making us squirm though. then again, we do blunder into improbably powerful loot (the dice gods have favored us in whfrp, apparently) so it evens out.