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That's not how you win as a GM! The GM wins when the PCs kill each other. Or when the mention of certain NPCs causes shudders. When the players leave a session scratching their heads because of pure mindscrew, then you have won. Getting characters to care about an NPC, and savagely ripping him to shreds. Killing a character is easy, killing part of players soul is where the action is at.
weeeeell, let's just say that possession is one of his favorite effects, and whenever my mage buddy plays a barbarian equivalent he misses a lot less on our faces than against the enemy's...
he's sadistic in the sense that in hindsight it's perfectly logical, and the way out is crazy easy. he dopes us on paranoia, double-triple checking, and WHAM! surprise non-euclidian horror scene using... friggin' tanglefoot. that spits acid. then you fall in a deep pit. filling up with water. with a spiked grille blocking you, and a kraken tickling you. meanwhile the off button is hidden behind 2 punji pits, one wall-climb, 3 gas clouds, 1 dart trap, and a puzzle (and 'cause you're climbing, progressive endurance tests). by the end of the encounter, we never wanted to talk about that game session again, when we found out that out of all the tiles in the corridor, only one was trapped.
yes, we spent 6 hours on ONE trap. that's how he wins, by making us travel 20 meters in 6 hours. in the return to the temple of elemental evil.
did i mention mutant treeman chaos druids?