Alias: Harlequin Jack/ The Pumpkin/ Jacko/ The Orange Trickster

Gender: Unknown but is commonly referred to as a male.

Race/Species: Unknown. Appears to be some sort of pumpkin/humanoid combination but is the only one of its kind in any case.

Age: Very old. Somewhere in the range of 1000-2000 years.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral - a freespirited creature that does what he wants for his own amusement. This doesn't mean that he inflicts pain for fun however; he's not a sadist.

Class/Profession: Jester/Trickster/Prankster/Pumpkin man - take your pick

Power Rating: Is susceptible to scaling. In general Jack has a low rating standing at about D+ but when pushed too far, i.e. is in danger of being killed, can become as powerful as an A. He generally refrains from fighting as it doesn't amuse him as much as pulling pranks does.

Description: A humanoid being that wears a pumpkin on its head. Or maybe that is Jack's head. Who knows. Said head (heh, that rhymed) has a permanent expression of enthusiastic joy and delight as seen through the large grin and giddy eyes. The pumpkin man is garbed in full orange and black clothing including gloves, boots, belt, tunic, and cape. On his sides are two harvesting sickles that may or may not be used as weapons. Furthermore, Jacko is constantly followed around pikmin style by miniature pumpkins with faces that bounce and roll around everywhere.

Personality: Is a mostly harmless deviant being that only wants to be entertained. Can come off as rude, mean, indifferent, or even scary but doesn't mean anyone true harm. Likes to do peculiar and weird things to attract people's attention. A very odd being to be sure.

Equipment: Two sickles, pumpkin minions, a seemingly unlimited supply of squash and apples, bag of pumpkin seeds, candy, and of course, a jack-o-lantern.

Back story: To come later when I feel up to it.

Miscellaneous: Theme song - In dreaming she wakes