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    Deadra Blackfyre

    Alias: None
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Half Elf (Half Storm Giant) Vampire
    Age: 23
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Class/Profession: Sorceress.
    Power Rating: A-
    Description: See Avatar

    Height: 13'
    Weight: 1380 lbs.
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Red

    Long limbed, narrow waist, slightly chesty, toned yet willowy, long, flowing black hair

    Personality: Simply put, as far as Deadra is concerned, all are beneath her and only exist for her convenience.

    It amuses her greatly when one is not instantly enthralled with her beauty, since such a creature must be severely brain damaged and thus unable to be of the slightest use, except as a source of blood.

    Equipment: She wears rings of Protection and Blinking, an amulet of Darkness, bracers of armor and a headband of Mental Prowess.

    She has a Handy Haversack to carry the larger than usual everyday items an adventurer of her size requires, as well as her pair of Immovable Rods.

    She also has a holster with a wand on each hip, one of Magic Missile lvl 9 and one of Inflict Moderate Wounds.

    Abilities: She has the Stormborn Bloodline in addition to her normal spell list, she also can use Righteous Might, a spell granted to her by a king's wizard as reward for completing a dangerous mission.

    Backstory:Same as Felandria, up to a point.

    The book she was set to destroy turned her into a vampire after she was forced to read it in hopes of learning a way to destroy it.

    This new power overwhelmed her, she tried to remain herself, but after tragedy struck and her party died, there was nothing tying her to her old life so she cast aside her mission and her name and returned to the underdark where she found Chance, an old vampire acquaintance she had met before.

    Chance, who before wanted to make Felandria his bride was immediately love struck with this new version of her, which she used to her advantage, she convinced him to use his power and influence to gather a new party to take the mission to restore the gates (after all, what is the point of taking over the world if it's destroyed?), a task at which they eventually succeeded.

    Sadly, Chance never got to see this happen as Deadra slayed him on their wedding night, claiming all he had as her own.

    Not content to rule the underdark, she sought knowledge of how to become ruler of her realm, an old gypsy informed her the only thing that could stop her was herself, because she was an anomaly, the only version of her to become what she was and that eventually one reality's Felandria would destroy her because she should not exist.

    Angered at being told she was supposedly a mistake, she killed and drained the gypsy and set out to ensure that she would be the only version of herself to exist on any plane of existence, proving that the others were the mistakes.

    Deadra has disposed of several Felandrias, but she discovered the one in the Nexus is more powerful than she can presently handle, so she's biding her time, waiting for her to slip.

    When she arrived an an infirmary to obtain some blood, an armored Space Marine challenged her and attempted to kill her, but she managed to turn him.

    Her new sire, Kharin, is extremely powerful and Deadra hopes that the two of them can take over the Nexus.
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