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    Sergeant Carl Rudd
    Name: Carl Rudd
    Concept: Hard-bitten and battle-stressed veteran.
    Aspect: Earth
    Anima: Images of an earthen carving of his iconic helmet, flanked by similar representations of his brothers' helmets.
    Anima Power: Spend 5m to soak lethal with full Stamina, add Essence to resist grappling and knockback, add Essence to Stamina whilst feet rest on earth or stone.
    Motivation: Ensure the sacrifices of the North-4 campaign are never forgotten and need never be repeated.

    Strength ●●●●
    Dexterity ●●●●●
    Stamina ●●●●

    Charisma ●●●●
    Manipulation ●●
    Appearance ●●

    Perception ●●●●
    Intelligence ●●
    Wits ●●●●

    Abilities (Specializations +)
    Linguistics ●●●
    Lore ●●
    Stealth ●

    [C]Awareness ●●●● (Noticing Snipers +1)
    Drive ●
    [C]Integrity ●●●●●
    [C]Resistance ●●●●●
    [C]War ●●●●

    Athletics ●●● (Combat Rolls +1)
    [F]Dodge ●●●●●
    [F]Firearms ●●●●● (Assault Rifles +2)
    [F]Melee ●●
    [F]Presence ●●

    Martial Arts ●●

    [F]Medicine ●●● (Field Medicine +1)
    Performance ●

    Backgrounds, Artifacts and Equipment
    Artifact (Grand Shellcaster, Autoklave, Bullet-Eating Sparksuit, Jade Hearthstone Amulet) ●●●●●
    Arsenal ●●●
    Backing (Meruvian Army) ●●
    "Breeding" ●●● (free)
    Connections (Meruvian Army) ●●
    Henchmen ●● (Epsilon Squad)
    Manse (Gem of Adamant Skin) ●●●●
    Resources ●●●

    Artifacts and Equipment:
    Artifact: 3 [Black Jade Grand Shellcaster], Mk 3 Direlance Assault Rifle
    -1 Speed, +50 Range.
    [Shards pg. 144]

    Artifact: 3 [Black Jade Autoklave], Mk 3 Direlance Assault Rifle Chain-Bayonet
    -1 Speed, +1 Damage. Spend 3m in Step 1 to increase wound penalties by 1.
    [Shards pg. 139]

    Artifact: 3 [Black-White Jade Bullet Eating Sparksuit], Mk 3 North-4 Summer Armour
    No fatigue value. Spend 1m in Step 10 against failed attacks to generate ammo.
    [Shards pg. 150]

    Artifact: 1 [Red Jade Hearthstone Amulet], Crimson Omen (North-4 Veteran Medal)
    +1m regained per hour. Socketed with Gem of Adamant Skin.
    [Core pg. 380]

    Arsenal: 3 (40 Resource dots)
    > 3 Exceptional Tactical Vests (12)
    > 2 Exceptional Pump-action Shotguns (6)
    > 1 Exceptional Sniper Rifle (5)
    > 3 Exceptional Assault Rifles (12)
    > 1 Exceptional Rocket Launcher (4)
    > 1 Revolver (1)

    Manse: 4
    Stone: Gem of Adamant Skin (socketed in Crimson Omen)
    [Core pg. 382]

    Resources: 3
    Accumulated and invested military pay.
    >[List of purchases, and sources]

    Wind-Carried Words Technique

    Elemental Bolt

    First Awareness Excellency
    All-Encompassing Earth Sense

    First Integrity Excellency
    Oath of the Ten-Thousand Dragons (North-4 Veterans)
    Ten-Thousand Dragons Fight As One
    Granite Curtain of Serenity
    Inviolate Dragon Spirit
    Chaos-Warding Prana
    Defence-From-Anathema Method
    Ten Thousand Claw Empowerment

    First Resistance Excellency
    Ox-Body Technique x4
    Strength of Stone Technique
    Impervious Skin of Stone Meditation

    Terrestrial War Reinforcement
    Enfolded in the Dragon's Wings

    First Dodge Excellency
    Threshold Warding Stance
    Hopping Firecracker Evasion
    Safety Among Enemies

    First Firearms Excellency
    Earth Dragon Bullet
    Blazing Bullseye Attack
    Penetrating Shell Precision
    Hesiesh's Meteor Swarm
    Stoke-the-Flame Focus
    Drawing the Dragon's Fury

    First Presence Excellency
    Glowing Coal Radiance
    Unbearable Taunt Technique

    Combos: None.

    Combat Stats
    Join Combat: 8

    Hands: Acc: 8 | Damage: 4B | Parry DV: 5 | Rate: 3

    Feet: Acc: 7 | Damage: 7B | Parry DV: 3 | Rate: 2

    Clinch: Acc: 7 | Damage: 4B | Parry DV: - | Rate: 3

    Mk 3 Direlance Assault Rifle: Acc: 13 | Damage: 9L/3 | Parry DV: - | Rate: 4

    Mk 3 Direlance AR Chain-Bayonet: Acc: 9 | Damage: 11L/2 | Parry DV: - | Rate:

    Dodge DV: 7

    Parry DV: 5 (Mk 3 Direlance AR Chain-Bayonet)

    Permanent Charms

    Bashing: 11 (+5 vs. solid projectiles)
    Lethal: 9 (+5 vs. solid projectiles)
    Aggravated: 7

    Bashing: 5
    Lethal: 5
    Aggravated: 0

    -0 [ ]
    -1 [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
    -2 [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
    -4 [ ]
    X [ ]

    Mental Defences:
    Dodge MDV: 9
    Charisma + Presence Parry MDV: 3

    Compassion ●●
    Conviction ●●●
    Temperance ●●
    Valour ●●●

    Meruvia (Staunch Patriotism)
    Meruvian Army (Grudging Loyalty)
    Epsilon Squad (Close Camaraderie)
    Fellow North-4 Veterans (Great Respect)
    Meruvian Government (Disgusted Contempt)

    Low Realm (Native)
    High Realm

    Willpower: ●●●●●●●●●●
    [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

    Permanent: ●●●●
    Personal: 17/17
    Peripheral: 20/37
    Committed: 17

    Bonus Points and XP
    Bonus Points:
    Total: 18/18 spent | Flaws: None.
    Artifact ●●●● to ●●●●● 2
    Dexterity ●●●● to ●●●●● - 4
    Dodge ●●● to ●●●●● - 2
    Firearms ●●●● to ●●●●● 1
    Integrity ●●●● to ●●●●● 1
    Resistance ●●●● to ●●●●● 1
    Resources ● to ●● 2
    Willpower ●●●●● to ●●●●●●●●●● - 5

    Experience Points: Spent: 19 | Left: 1 | Total: 20
    Stoke-the-Flame Focus (Favoured Charm, 8xp)
    Drawing the Dragon's Fury (Favoured Charm, 8xp)
    Firearms Assault Rifle Speciality improved to +2 (3xp)

    The current generation of the Rudd family was a carefully engineered experiment into the efficacy of slightly delaying the Exaltation of the Dragons. Carl and his two younger brothers, Andrew and Barrett, were all infused with the blood of the Dragons before their birth.

    Born into a military family in Anvil, a town close to Versino on the Isle of Bells, Carl enlisted into the Meruvian Army right out of school. He served several tours of duty in the Versino 6th Grenadiers, until he was transferred to the newly formed Anvil 1st Commandos, a new regiment formed in the wake of a mass sign up in Anvil which included Andrew and Barrett. The regiment began a typical tour of duty, the Anvil 1st earning themselves the nickname "Hammers" for their sheer brute force on the battlefield.

    Then, one day in the midst of Ascending Fire, the Anvil 1st were assigned to a routine "peacekeeping" mission in the Unified Vectes Alliance a loose affiliation of Northern oil-producing city-states that had apparently voluntarily given themselves over to spirit worship.

    The Anvil 1st struck their targets hard with assistance from Dragon-Blooded operatives, rapidly taking strategic positions. The campaign was going well, when something caused the entire Vectes region to suffer a sudden onset of Wyld taint. Behind the scenes, a Lunar and Sidereal quickly worked to fix the problem. Mutation rates were blessedly low amongst the Anvil 1st, but the oil supplies were permanently rendered oddly luminescent, though still fully functional. The Hammers pushed on through the campaign, securing the Vectes oil supply with astonishingly low casualties, given the Wyld taint.

    Just as the Meruvia was ready to call the campaign a success, disaster struck.

    They came up from the very ground, opening sinkholes in the midst of and behind the Anvil 1st battle lines.

    Darkbrood. A race of humanoid, worm-pale darkbrood, armed with firearms and utilising the other creatures of below as beasts of war, they surged up and began pushing the Hammers back. The fighting was brutal, the darkbrood utterly remorseless. Both of Carl's brothers died: Andrew took a darkbrood sniper round to the head, and Barrett was lost inside a suicide mission inside one of the brood's gargantuan burrowing worms. Several desperate strikes underground into the darkbrood tunnel network seemed to take the fight out of them, but the survivors left their tunnel network and poured out onto the surface.

    And in their wake came what they had been running from.

    Mutated darkbrood, altered by the Wyld-tained oil that had seeped deep through the earth, leaving them luminescent, rapidly evolving and as explosive as the substance that created them.

    Hammer casualties were horrific. Eventually, they were pushed back to one single city quarter, the force's Dragon-Blooded technicians desperately trying to create a WMD to attack all of the darkbrood, mutated or not, on the genetic level.

    It was here that the gift of the Dragons came on Carl. Holding the line with the rest of Epsilon Squad, recently given a promotion to sergeant he never wanted, Carl did what he could to buy the technicians time. With a surge of grey-white light around him, he started bodily throwing darkbrood back into their own ranks with grenades attached. His guns began spitting fire and lead into the enemy ranks, shredding into them viciously. Flinging taunts and insults at the enemy even as he killed them, Carl rallied the surviving Hammers, pulled back to a better position, and prepared to make the darkbrood pay dearly for each step further.

    Miraculously, the technicians managed to get their doomsday weapon working.

    The aftermath was not pretty. The tattered remnants of the Anvil 1st were extracted from a sea of darkbrood dust. The debriefings were quick but thorough, and it became clear to Carl that Meruvia was going to cover up the events of what they were now calling the North-4 campaign, blaming it on a spirit/Raksha alliance.

    The Anvil 1st was disbanded, its veterans either transferred into counselling or other regiments, depending on how scarred they were. Carl, on the other hand, newly Exalted as he was, had to undergo an intense training period to round out and improve his military skill set. Then came the public image: the soldier's soldier, who gives no quarter and expects none, a relentless, ruthless badass. Carl detested it, but hated the cover up over North-4 even more.

    With his Dragon-Blooded "initiation" complete, Carl returned to the army briefly, serving alongside various regiments until his superiors informed him of Task Force Dragon. Carl accepted on one condition: that the former members of the Anvil 1st's Epsilon Squad were returned to his command under the same designation as part of the Task Force.

    Lucien help those who get in their way.


    A thickset brute of a man, Carl Rudd is an exceptional physical specimen. He packs a vast amount of muscle onto his tall frame, whilst still retaining a remarkable degree of agility and athleticism.

    Carl is usually dressed in a upgraded reconstruction of the standard-issue tactical vests given to the Anvil 1st during the North-4 campaign that Carl has extensively customised, painting or carving the phrases "GRUB KILLER", "DESTROY RAKSHA", "KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN" and "PRACTICE RELOADING" onto the armour's chest piece. The armour leaves his arms bare, keeping his memorial tattoo to his two brothers in plain sight.

    On the rare occasions that Carl removes his helmet, it reveals his face to pale-skinned, in contrast to the moderately tanned skin across the rest of his body. His scalp is shaven, his face notably less so. His grey eyes are stark and possess an almost haunted look that rarely leaves them.

    I think I'll claim DimGrey for Carl.
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