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    Xavier Covington

    Alias: N/A

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Pixie

    Age: 26

    Profession: Study of Magic

    Description: Xavier is short, standing just under five feet tall. He has a very slight build, almost fragile looking. His light brown hair is pulled back in a neat ponytail, his skin is slightly tanned, and his large eyes are a pale green. A pair of feathered antenna peek out from his hairline. He typically wears finely made clothing.

    When he's not using a particular magic item, he actually stands around five inches tall. Also revealed are a large pair of wings, not unlike a butterfly's. They're a pinkish read that becomes a bright orange near the outside edges.

    By myself:

    Personality: He is a very polite, proper individual. Xavier tries to be good to others and never seeks to offend them. He's very studious and has an endless thirst for new knowledge. He's happiest when he gets to learn something new.

    • A metal cuff on his right arm. It allows him to hide away his wings and become human sized.
    • A glove with a stylized clawed hand on the outside of it. Allows him to create a disembodied hand made of pure force that he can manipulate as if it were his own hand.



    Abilities: Xavier can produce a fine powder commonly known as pixie dust. It's applications are too numerous to count, but it can be summed up in that it manipulates what it's applied to for a limited time. These effects are always temporary and be quite significant. That said, she can't change one item entirely into another or do other effects are the too drastic.

    He is also technically a Wright, in that he has some small talent for Pymary. His abilities with it are by no means extensive, however.

    Backstory: Xavier was born to a tribe of pixies that lived neart he Weald. He was always different from many of his kin. He did not take to violence like so many others, and chose to occupy himself with other tasks. While many others were more content to survive and enjoy the day to day excitement of their life, Xavier was always driven to learn new things.

    Eventually, his differences from his people drove him to set out no his own. He dedicated much of his time to the pursuit of knowledge and the study of magic. He learned much about the world, travelling to many places int he Nexus, but most notably he lived in Inside. It was quite a shock for the once tribal pixie, but he took to the new environment well.

    Miscellaneous: N/A
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