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    Gender: Male

    Species: Video Game Adventurer (Human)

    Age: 21

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Class: Jack-of-all-trades Adventurer (No Magic)

    Power Rating: D to C (Depending upon circumstances, tending lower)

    Level: 2

    Description: An ordinary adventurer, with short, brown hair, blue eyes, standing around 6ft/1.8m tall, wearing brown and beige leather clothes, a sword sheathed on his hip, and carrying a rather largish backpack. Those with extraordinary senses may be able to see that he is, in fact, merely a computer program projected onto reality, but otherwise he interacts and moves quite realistically, except for perhaps his lack of fine detail were one to look closely. In addition, his skin is quite rigid, while his clothes and hair have an artificial feel, but move more-or-less normally.

    Personality: Generally good, and tries to help people, but is still somewhat uncomfortable about this whole "real-world" thing.

    Abilities: A rather ordinary and unremarkable adventurer in his universe. He's a jack-of-all-trades class ("Adventurer") character, and so is a reasonably adept fighter, and can easily pick up new skills. He can also use (common/easy) magic devices, but has no magic abilities or resistances inherently.

    Otherwise, by virtue of being a videogame character, he has these additional dynamics/abilities:

    • Hit Point Damage - Takes only minor (personal) effects until fully damaged. For example, he'll still get disoriented, or have slower reactions, etc, but you can't only cut off his leg. His 3D mesh doesn't support those kinds of transformations. He does, of course, take any physics effect fully, so bashing him across the room would work pretty well, but poison might only slow him down unless it kills him.
    • Regenerates Hit Points Naturally - Will slowly regain hitpoints over time. Obviously useless in a single-hit or large damage encounter, but very useful for endurance.
    • Environmental Video Game Abstractions - Minor different ways of interacting with the environment than normal, for example: staying underwater just deals damage, immune to heat unless he's actually in contact with fire or lava, can run at a normal pace forever without tiring out, doesn't actually need to eat or drink, can pick up dropped items as ammo, etc. However, he still does take fall damage, crushing is an instant kill, and he can still be affected by friendly fire or status effects.
    • Level Up - Every so often, will gain additional power and ability. This generally will not change any underlying dynamics of his character, however. This also only happens after combat, not during it.
    • Customize Appearance - Can change the color and design of his clothes nearly at will (not in combat), to common outfits/patterns, for example to fit with a setting, but cannot use this ability to match/duplicate anything specific or camouflage.
    • Continue on Death - Easier to kill than many others, but if he dies, a continue screen will be displayed and if an ally allows him to continue, he will resurrect with partial health. Note that there is a continue timer (shorter at higher difficulty levels) and he only has a limited number of lives, so if the last one is used, and he dies, it's Game Over permanently. (He'll be sent back to his home universe - so he won't be able to be resurrected even through other normal means, such as magic, technology, etc.) If no one presses continue, but he still has lives remaining, he may reappear somewhere else, but it's most likely game over for him in whatever quest/mission he was participating in.



    Harrod's Complete Guide to Adventure Gaming: (Unique, Magical, Possibly Intelligent) This mystical strategy guide is his one saving grace during his adventures, as while he is decidedly average and inexperienced, this book contains oodles of tips, tricks, and advice for virtually any situation one could possibly encounter. In addition, it has been programagically bonded to him, and as such is impossible to lose, as any copy he has that is destroyed or lost, will return to him intact. However, other than being inexplicably bullet and arrow-proof, it is apparently an ordinary book, and can be burned, ripped, or destroyed (albeit temporarily) just the same. As well, if Kevin vanishes (by game over or running out of lives), the book will too, even though his other inventory can be looted.

    Extradimensional Inventory: He has the ability to store ridiculous amounts of items in his pockets/backpack for use at any time. (This only applies to comparatively normal-sized items, he cannot store anything too big like a car or couch - basically, it has to fit through the backpack or pocket opening)

    Currently, he possesses a large variety of ordinary non-magical (and probably useless) gadgets, including:

    A ten-foot pole (Extendable), Ladder (Extendable), Funnels, Measuring Cups, Snorkel, LED Flashlight, Lantern, Stud finder, Measuring Tape, 50 feet of rope, Ball of red yarn, Grandma's Sweater, Pen, Pencil, and a few sheets of paper, Scissors, AM/FM Radio, Playing Cards, Megaphone, Granola Bars (2 HP each), First-Aid-Kit, Airhorn, Letter Opener, Floss, Toothbrush, Hair Brush, Canteen (filled with water), Flint/Steel Firestarter, Propane Camping Stove, Metal Detector, Laser Pointer, Ice Pick, Screwdriver Set, Wrench, Hammer, Shovel (Extendable), Rake (Extendable), Plastic Bags, A few empty wallets, 25 foot extension cord, Dagger, Sword, Small (6-shot Repeating) Crossbow, Revolver (6-shot), Semi-Automatic Pistol (9 shot), Shotgun (2 shot), Hunting Rifle (2 shot), and probably a bunch of other junk.

    Special Items: Echolocation Jammer, Staff of Lightning/Energy Shield

    Backstory: To be revealed at a suitably dramatic moment.
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