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    A character based on Eberron 4E D&D

    Name: Aramil Greenflame, family name Vadallia is rarely used.
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Race: Half-Human, Half-Eladrin
    Class: Hybrid of Fighter and Swordmage, and a touch of Artificer.
    Diety: The Silver Flame

    Personality: As a Chaotic Good character, Aramil acts as his conscience directs with little regard for what others expect of him. He's the type to act for what he sees as the greater good, only works for the "good guys", and protects and helps those in need, without special regard for the law or authority. The tenets of his faith simply expect him to destroy evil, and protect and bring relief to those suffering, and aid those who need it. Aside from that, he is very serious, with a sarcastic sense of humor. He posesses a quick, curious intellect, and often acts when others would still be deciding what to do. He has a tendency for fierce anger when provoked, but in most circumstances, he is generally good natured.

    Appearance/Armor: Aramil depicts a calm and quiet exterior. While not extremely small, he is a little below average height, and is fairly thin, with fine Eladrin features. At five feet, nine inches, and weighing only a hundred and sixty pounds, he doesn't have much of an imposing figure. He has dark brow hair kept fairly short, and his fairy paled face is kept clean shaven. He has the pupil-less eyes of his Eladrin kin, a penetrating emerald green, which is unusual for a half-elf. Perhaps the most striking, is his gauntleted left arm; in reality, it is an armored arm of a warforged composed of overlapping adamantium plates. It is a magical construct, and thus, works just as if it were an extension of his own body. Aramil wears fairly basic clothing, varying in dark tones - a short sleeved shirt, and a pair of well worn leather pants. He wears greaves that are fashioned to look similar to his arm, and heavy black boots. For armor, Aramil wears a suit of Grey Dragonscale armor, with a decorated red and gold militaristic greatcoat over his armor. Aramil wears the greatcoats hood almost all the time.

    Weapons: Ar'cor'kerym [The King's Blade]

    Nicknamed Arcor by Aramil, this is a hand and a half sword. The hilt of this sword is black adamantite and the blade is made of mithril. The blade is fairly wide, and is straight-backed with a tapered edge as to function well as a thrusting or slashing weapon. The sword has a star-cut ruby on its pommel. The blade is about thirty-six inches long, the handle is eight inches long, and the cross-guard pommel is squared in shape. The sword is partially emphatic and is able to impart weak, base emotions upon its wielder. Aramil claims that this weapon takes pleasure in dealing pain against evil foes.

    Magic/Techniques: Along his other possessions, Aramil carries a thick iron and leather bound spellbook, charred and tattered, with scorch marks marring the pages. The book has a thick chain connected to it's spine, and the chain is looped though a hook on Aramil's belt, so that it lays loose at his side. The chain can retract, and extend when pulled, so Aramil can read the book, and then let it rest back at his hip. The tome contains a multitude of spells which Aramil can cast, but he must study the book each day for the use of his more powerful spells that he has not committed to memory.

    Battle techniques that Aramil tends to use are all based around alchemical fire magic; he can bathe his sword in green arcane fire, which burns and corrodes flesh. Among other spells, Aramil has the ability to throw and recall his sword from great distances, and oftentimes he enchants his sword with arcane fire and hurls the sword at foes, igniting the blade and consuming the area in flames. Aramil is also able to use the fire as a protective measure, cloaking himself or allies in the flame to ward off attacks and harm nearby foes. His more difficult spells include calling down fiery meteors, storms of fire and ash, flame walls, and causing foes to be engulfed with spontaneous combustion. These last spells require preparation and material components, however, so they are not often used.

    Aside from magic, Aramil's adamantine arm has a series of gears and chains inside it, which allows him to propel his hand from his arm, and shoot it toward a foe. He can then retract his arm, with the foe, to close the distance. Aramil has also crafted a guardian familiar, an enchanted greatsword with the spirit of a knight that floats beside him. The greatsword blocks ranged spells and attacks, and can attack foes nearby; the blade does not sleep and does not communicate to anyone other than Aramil, and like Arcor, only has base emotions. The blade stands guard over Aramil while he rests, or in strategic points. The hilt is designed with a clockwork motif; spinning gears and chains adorn the handle; the blade is nearly four feet long, and a foot wide.

    Biography: Aramil was born in Valenar, the last child of King Shaeras Vadallia, the current leader of the nation. Born out of a night of passion with a Human escort, Aramil was a Half-Human/Eladrin; the third-born prince. Aramil had anything and everything he wanted, except for a claim to the throne - which, to be clear, wasn't of any interest to Aramil. As a child, Aramil took to scholarly pursuits, much quicker than anyone had anticipated. At the ripe age of three years old, Aramil started to read manuals of magic, as well as those of alchemy and machinery. His uncle, an instructor of magic at the Floating Towers of Arcanix in Aundair, taught Aramil the intricacies of magic, and in his own time, the half-elf studied martial techniques in old dusty tomes in the grand library. He sought out the best swordsman his father had in his guard, and his early years were solely based on a study of magic and sword, and how to use both of them together successfully.

    Seen as a prodigy of his house, his father commissioned the best teachers his son asked for. Aramil studied in depth the art of elemental binding, and alchemy of the Fabricators Guild of House Cannith, he also learned a lot about armor and weaponsmithing from the dwarves of the Mror Holds. Aramil grew up as one of the best and brightest due to having access to extensive training and opportunity. The half-elf had learned all that his uncle, a magister from Arcanix, could teach him. Due to his natural talent and intelligence, Aramil was an accomplished fire wizard by the time he was sixteen. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Aramil left his noble life behind and began travelling - matters of political and courtly intrigue were of no interest to the young prince. Eventually, Aramil found his way to House Deneith's Blademarks Guild, and he enlisted as a mercenary. Here, he honed his martial expertise by mixing arcane fire and sword.

    Aramil served for many years with the Blademarks, and due to his natural skills, he rose the ranks rather quickly for someone so young. Other members of the guild became untrusting, and jealous, and during a job that involved the destruction of Orcs in a small farming village, Aramil was betrayed. A member of his guild let loose a crossbow bolt while Aramil was fending off an Orc. The bolt sunk itself deep into his shoulder, and the Orc took the opportunity for a fatal blow. Aramil's left arm was sheared above the shoulder, taking a portion of his ribs along with it. Lying dead on the ground, he was found days later by an old cleric, who revived the young half-elf and stabilized his wounds, but could not bring back the missing body part. Aramil had the cleric take him to the Guilds of Cannith, where he worked with the local craftsmen to graft a new arm and shoulder from components from a deactivated Warforged. Deciding to further his knowledge on the workings of warforged, and how to improve his own arm and body, Aramil stayed with the Fabricators Guild of Cannith, further improving his knowledge.
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