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    Full Name: Azatha ຸহಱᑞځשᎲᇆ ऩᓎፃ௦۔્ጲᖈခᙗ, daughter of ЎۏЍሌݣᔀ, deity of πࡁӯڊকᔽᗡ, bringer of ᒏШಓख़ᒅ, master of ༢Ᏹప thousand හഘ and keeper of the ᘖՙቧጒنಗЌʣҒ֧ɵወ (for short).

    Gender: Female (Probably)

    Species: ଥۑજනણʢ

    Age: டӫᐆധ (Looks about 18)

    Alignment: Chaotic Uppity

    Class: Deity of πࡁӯڊকᔽᗡ (Allegedly)

    Description: A rather short girl, looking approximately human, scarcely 4.5ft/1.4m tall, wearing some sort of black gothic dress, mostly covering her pale skin, and has long, pitch-black hair, reaching nearly to her ankles, and red eyes. Those with extraordinary senses may be able to notice that while she looks and acts approximately human, she appears to actually be some sort of projection onto reality, as if she was a physical hologram, generated from somewhere far off.

    Personality: Certainly full of herself, and acts as if she has immense cosmic reality-warping powers, while she instead seems to be almost entirely powerless. Only time will tell if any of her overconfidence has merit...

    Power Rating (At Level 1): E (with a couple special abilities that might put her higher)

    Innate Abilities:
    • Power Absorber: Her power level can vary dramatically based on whether she has a power source available. She can absorb or metabolize a wide variety of things/energies/magic/etc. and convert it into useful power to enhance herself or create effects. However, without any source, her internal power is apparently very weak. (Note that related to this, she can also sense large power sources/discharges from a distance.)
    • Shadow Existence: Her form is merely a projection onto reality from her true form/source. This means that if she is killed she merely dematerializes into dust, and can return later. (She can also dematerialize at will.) However, her resurrection is usually highly inconvenient, and she loses any stored power she had saved up or was using. She is also immune to certain types of transformation/form-altering effects, as well as has certain resistances/immunities/vulnerabilities to some random common things/environments. (Most of which are pretty useless in combat.)

    Current Power Level: 1 (out of ten)

    Additional Abilities at Level 1: Very low power telekinesis (moving objects, like pebbles), and pyrokinesis (starting small fires), otherwise normal human strength, etc.

    Equipment: Other than her attitude (and clothing), nothing.

    Backstory: ???
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