Rupert Xaviar von Alucard ibn Sergeyevich

Hikiri Qwizx'gjok Lilith d'Arc

Alias: Rupert's drow name is Akorvyrtarhyrs Despet'tar and Hikiri holds the title of The Princess of the Celestial Zodiac.
Gender: Male and Female
Race/Species: His Male form is half Drow, half Human, and about a quarter Cyborg. His female form is half Farspawn and half Electrum dragon.
Age: 108, which is like 20 in normal years.
Alignment: A virtuous man with a golden heart and Chaotic Neutral.
Class/Profession: Duelist/Wizard/Paladin of Diligence and Dragon Disciple/Ninja/Sorceress
Power Rating: His male form is C+ and his female form is B-, but when his power is unlocked, he becomes a solid A, but at the cost of Theomachy points.
Description: His male form has the ebon skin and alabaster hair of drow, but is built like a stocky, muscle-bound human. He is always smiling, except when he's not. His left eye, right arm, and left leg are all cybernetic prosthetics and he also has internal enhancements but he doesn't like to talk about them. His female form looks like a beautiful human woman for the most part. Because her father was an Electrum dragon, an extremely rare and amazing combination of all five metallic dragons, her left eye is silver, her right eye is gold, her hair is copper, the dragon wings protruding from her shoulder blades are bronze and her tail is brass. Despite having dragon wings and dragon tail and iridescent dragon scales, she is still super hot and everyone falls in love with her at first sight. Since her mother was a powerful being from beyond this normal realm, she has many traits of Farspawn: including invisible tentacles that exist on several dimensions people can't comprehend.
Abilities: Rupert is pretty much the best at everything. In addition, he can turn into his female form at will. Because he has been blessed by a mighty God, Rupert's infraconscious mind can activate a special Theomachy mode that lasts until his points are drained.
Backstory: To be revealed~
Miscellaneous: I think I've gone completely insane, guys.