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    Name: Aric Kale

    Age: 30

    Species: Human

    Alignment: Neutral Good.

    Power Rating:
    B+ - A-

    Aric wields a spear, shield, and dagger.
    All of his weapons are made of a highly durable metal called Murynstil, which is pearlescent in color. It has the ability to absorb energy, regardless of magic or scientific origin, and project it back against his opponent. Also, in open sunlight, Murynstil is too bright to look upon directly without proper eye protection.
    The spear has been named Charrend, The Blade that Cleaves Darkness. It looks like a standard medieval spear, apart from the color.
    His dagger is a wakizashi (wakashi) dubbed Wyrmfel, The Dragon's Bite. This blade last absorbed Fearblaze in a confrontation with Zane Darkstar and has not been used since, merely residing in its sheath.
    His shield is circular, two feet in diameter, and bears the crest of House Kale: a purple orchid, bordered in white and set upon a black background. It has many wards and runes cast/carved upon it, causing it to simply deflect magic/energy based attacks instead of absorbing them.
    Aric has recently acquired the passive ability to rapidly regenerate damage from physical attacks.

    Description: Aric is tall, with green eyes, a long beard, and shoulder length white hair. He wears armor of steel chainmail, covered by a leather vest. His clothing is of humble, yet sturdy, cloth. Aric is noble and friendly, always willing to assist to the best of his abilities. He's lived a hard life, but always seems to keep a smile on his face.

    Bio: Aric hailed from a small land called Alleble. He was the Crown Prince, highly capable at arms and destined to rule... until the fire nation attacked his home was conquered by Paragory. The country was completely devestated and ravaged. Hardly anything survived, only 20 people escaped with their lives, Aric being the oldest at a mere 25. They found a good place to settle and rebuild in neighboring Acacia. However, their good fortune was not long to last. After 3 years, Zane Darkstar set their little village ablaze in order to steal Thorinsgaet, a small blade of great historical value to the Allebs. This time, only Aric survived. After wandering and adventuring for 2 years, he found his way into the Nexus. He hasn't forgotten Zane, but odds of him seeking confrontation are low. He's seen first-hand what the pyromancer can do...
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    Zane and Aric by Recaiden. Aric Kat by Hatter.

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