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You say "wasteful," I saw "wanting to do something every turn." We play the game to play-- saying "OK, I've done all I need to this encounter, you guys deal with the rest" is boring.
Honestly, the mopping up phase bores me at the best of times. And the wizard archetype I grew up with was the person who could use magic ... but didn't. Much more lore, knowledge, and guile, and magic was rare and precious. (Cue the "What level is Gandalf?" argument). Besides, to me playing if I chose a class centred round limited resources involves making the best use of those resorces.

And yes, I know it takes all sorts. And think that an AEDU wizard could happily be back-ported from 4e (as could an Essentials Knight, an Essentials Thief, a Cavalier, and an AEDU monk without any seeming out of place).