Ken Browns

Gender: Male
Race: human
Age: 17
Class/Profession: Rogue/Traveler
Power Rating: 3

Description: Bright blue eyes and dark, shaggy brown hair. With usual clothing (white woolen shirt, brown woolen pants, and sleeveless leather vest) he also wears a leather belt, a dark green hooded cloak, leather boots, and fingerless leather gloves.

Personality: Ken is an adventurous youth, curious about foreign lands, ancient treasures, and itching for exciting adventures. He is what his parents might call a "free spirit", wanting to go wherever he likes to go. Of course, there are times when he puts that aside to work for traveling money.
Ken also has a sense of humor, which ranges from jokes to pranks, which usually lands him into all sorts of trouble.


- He carries a leather backpack that has the following: (a couple loaves of bread, a waterskin, a telescope, a compass, and a bedroll)

-He has a throwing knife hidden in his left boot.

-In a pocket behind his vest, he has a leather sling.

-Around his belt he has: a short sword, a dagger, a pouch of coins, and a pouch of stones.

-Ken carries a walking stick as well.

Abilities: Ken is fast when it comes to running. He can be quite creative when it comes to escaping danger and reaching his destination. He is well experienced with knife - fighting, pickpocketing, and the art of stealth. He can come up with all sorts of ways to escape and fight dirty.

Backstory: Ken was born in a farmers' village, where he spent most of his childhood with chores and school. However, at the Great Harvest festival that is held every year, he would go listen to the local storyteller, where he hears all sorts of tales of heroes, treasure, and different lands out there. Those tales inspired him to run away in his first year as a teenager, traveling to wherever he pleases.