Can't remember if I posted this as feedback before but wanted to share my results. Played as designed except without the WIS to hit and damage (mostly to get the DM to agree to using homebrew). The character is 7 monk/3 paladin with a focus on movement feats like leap of the heavens and tactical feats like improved trip. There is also using able learner to allow use magic device as a class skill (may not be RAW, but DM allowed).

The result is I can deal damage a bit below the party barbarian, unless I use smite evil and/or a spell like rhino charge. In the latter case, I can do burst damage paired with a stun attack that has a high DC (thanks to ascetic knight) that is impressive. That said, the best part of the class is that I haven't had to focus on getting damage up (no monk belt, no damage increase feats), so I can describe things like running up a wall and jumping so I can charge an opponent from above. Or the moment when the DM realized I could stand as a free action after failing to trip an opponent.

Having multi-classing that actually works means I can have a fearless medium fighter that has okay AC, insane saves, and enough versatility that I can charge into battle knowing I can probably survive any mishap while still having a chance to affect the battle more than just annoying the big bad.

The remix could be used to max damage (such as using the improved ki strike to get elemental damage) or it can be used to max versatility or role playing. I think it should be up to the player and the DM to decide which is appropriate for the campaign.

The Wis to attack and damage hasn't been missed at all, except it might be nice to have just for opposed checks like trips, disarm, and grapple.