In regards to the above post:

I personally rather liked grabbing several tricks through feats and affiliations to build an Int SAD monk. Sure, Dex helped, and I needed about a 13 in Str for feat prerequisites and a number higher then 0 for wis and cha, but I had pretty much everything running off Int. It was actually really cool to just need to pump that one stat and fluff it as my intricate knowledge of Ki control, the mechanics and lay out of all manner of bodies, and a mastery of getting the most out of physics of my own body. Add focusing my skills on Knowledge Monkey with a bit of dabbling into other roles for flavor and I was golden.

This was particularly hilarious as with a few tricks form feats and affiliations and some fairly minimal gear, I had this Petite dude not even 5ft tall running around a setting were everyone else seemed to be built like they were auditioning for Conan The Barbarian or Red Sonja respectively, and I was still kicking ass.