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    Hi, Jiriku! thanks for the past clarifications of my inquiry on alternate class feature progression. Now, I would just like to point out that you still had that (very minor) typo on your Ascetic Rogue ACF from before.
    Quote Originally Posted by jiriku View Post
    Special: If you replace either the monk's unarmed strike damage progression or the rogue's sneak attack with an alternate class feature, your monk and sorcerer levels stack when determining the progression of that alternate feature. You may still qualify for this feat, although its prerequisites will differ. Your DM will assign an appropriate set of replacement prerequisites.
    Emphasis mine. Just thought every little bit of help/critique counts.

    As for feedback, I had only one campaign where I managed to roll your monk. Unfortunately, it quickly fizzled just a page or two after. And everywhere else where I applied for a monk character never took off. So I am still looking forward to finally using this awesome fix, especially the more monk-friendly Ascetic Rogue ACF. Wish me luck!
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