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    The Pillow Warrior

    The mighty warrior of the bedroom, conquerer of covers, and destroying of boogy monsters, the pillow warrior is a foe to be reckoned with. Wielding his mighty pillow, the warrior can take harmless techniques and turn them into devastating combat maneuvers devastating even the greatest bedtime foe. ;)
    Adventures: Pillow Warriors rarely venture past their bedroom door, for that is where the worst of their foes lie. Though, they may venture out for a night to best their rival at a 'sleepover'.
    Characteristics: The pillow warrior is usually haughty and egoistic, believing none can match their prowess. With their pillow fighting skills, they can wreak havoc for any parent, anytime.
    Alignment: Pillow warriors can be of any alignment, as long as they're lawful. They use honor and chivalry, always doing the right thing if possible.
    Religion: Pillow Warriors may worship any deity, though usually worship Kord or Heronious.
    Background: Pillow warriors arise from a hostile upbringing, usually caused by boisterous siblings and rough and tough friends.
    Races: Pillow warriors are usually humans, though they may be of any race. Any race with pillows that is.
    Other classes: Pillow warriors get along well with Panlid Champions, Storybook Heroes, and Tantrum Throwers, who understand their need of a bedtime hierarchy.
    Role: Pillow warriors may take the role of the hardy thug, or of the disciplined warrior, and their versatility allows them to fill almost any combat role.
    Hit Dice: d10

    Alignment: Any Lawful
    Skills: Intimidate 6 Ranks, Hold it 6 Ranks
    Feats: Dramatic Pose, Weapon Focus (Pillow)
    Base Attack Bonus: +5

    Class Skills:
    The pillow warrior’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Diplomacy (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Hold it (Con)

    Skill Points at Each Level: 2 + Int modifier

    Level *BAB *Fort *Ref *Will *Special Abilities
     *1 * *+1 * *+2 * +0 * *+0 * Pillow Expertise, Devastating Smack
     *2 * *+2 * *+3 * +0 * *+0 * Pillow Defense +1
     *3 * *+3 * *+3 * +1 * *+1 * Improved Devastating Smack
     *4 * *+4 * *+4 * +1 * *+1 * Pillow Defense +2
     *5 * *+5 * *+4 * +1 * *+1 * Pillow Mastery
    Class Features
    Pillow Expertise: At first level the pillow warrior may use a pillow as a lethal weapon, or as a nonlethal weapon, the player's choice. The pillow warrior may also use a pillow to deal damage as if it were one size larger.
    Devastating Smack: At first level the pillow warrior is treated as if having the Power Attack feat while wielding a pillow. If the pillow warrior already has the Power Attack feat, he/she receives a +1 bonus on damage per level of pillow warrior when using a pillow.
    Pillow Defense: Beginning at second level, the pillow warrior receives a +1 deflection bonus to armor class.
    This increases to +2 at fourth level.
    Improved Devastating Smack: The pillow warrior, upon reaching level three, the pillow warrior may add 1 1/2 x Strength modifier when applying it to damage when wielding a pillow. This is instead of the normal strength bonus.
    Pillow Mastery: The pillow warrior may treat the pillow he wields as having any two +1 magical modifiers. These bonuses to don not count towards any other form of magical enhancement when finding cost or for the purposes of DR.

    I believe this is done!
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