Gender: Female

Species: Stabilized Ghost

Age: ~335

Alignment: Neutral Good

Power Rating: B+ to A-

Description: About 5 ft/1.5 m tall, and rather ghostly. She is wearing a single-piece flowing white robe, and has long, stringy black hair, partially obscuring her face and dark grey eyes. However, despite her pale complexion, she still appears somewhat together, her skin intact and hair halfway-combed.

Personality: Granted a new life, Sakuko has decided to take advantage of it to the fullest extent, which includes partying, kicking butt, and generally having a good time. She is rather frank and confident (but not rude) and always knows how to have a good time. Her hobbies include karaoke, martial arts, dance parties, and reading manga, and her favorite snacks are Ghost Pepper Chilies and Rust Flakes.


  • Ghost Powers: Can become intangible and/or invisible at will, but cannot affect anything while intangible. Can also fly/levitate to a certain extent, but not very quickly, although it is much easier when intangible. She is also significantly stronger and more durable than an ordinary human (but not very fast), can withstand harsh environments, and eat/drink virtually anything with minimal effect.
  • Summoning: With her ghost-energy program armband she can create useful objects, and summon (AI-controlled) temporary allies to help her fight. Nothing too outrageous, however, and there is a total power limitation on this ability, as well as they cannot be more than a (rather short) distance away from her at any time.

Equipment: Ghost-energy program armband - this allows her to summon objects and AI allies, as well as create a few effects, but is both power and distance limited. As well, were it to be destroyed, she will likely revert to a natural ghost state - where she is intangible, and cannot affect anything.

Backstory: Originally a normal girl in Japan during the 17th century, she became a ghost, but with no real purpose or way of fulfilling her ties, she existed aimlessly for nearly 300 years. In 2019, she was rescued and stabilized into her current form by a group of ghost-energy programmers, and now works for an Afterlife Tech Support Agency. Right now, she's on break from her job, and decided to check out the Nexus to see if there's any fun to be had.