Name: Dante
Age: 16 by appearance
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Unknown
Appearance: Dark gray hoodie, medium-length black hair, black sneakers. Otherwise appears normal until his powers manifest. When his powers manifest his eyes will glow one of several colors.

Abilities: Pretty good on a skateboard, to the point where he can fight while skating fairly proficiently.

Dante has several demons living inside of him. It's a symbiotic relationship. The demons need Dante's soul and body intact to survive, and Dante can use the demons' powers. Dante can only call upon one demon at a time, he has little to no control over which one shows up or when, and until he learns to develop his powers, Dante can only manifest one of his inner demons for very brief periods. Fortunately, the demons have an invested stake in Dante's survival and tend to "take the helm" without his permission. Besides the powers of each individual demon, Dante also ages very slowly and heals from most wounds quickly.

The demons aren't demons in the traditional sense. They don't respond to holy magic any different than any other creature, and while they are selfish, they are beyond concepts of good and evil. The demons that are currently active are not the only ones inside Dante, but the rest are currently in hibernation until Dante can learn to better control them.

His demons don't have specific names, but will respond to whatever is easiest for others to remember, in the event they are able to last long enough to communicate that is.

Fire Demon - A manifestation of fear and rage that gives Dante control over fire.

Ice Demon - A cold, logical demon of a nordic style culture that gives Dante control over cold.

Venom Demon - A snakelike demon that gives Dante an immunity to all poisons and can breathe potent poison in multiple forms.

Soldier Demon - A purely physical demon that gives Dante significantly enhanced strength, speed, and fortitude, as well as growing wings and/or a tail.

Inventory: A skateboard that seems to have come from Dante's homeworld with him. It is simultaneously a comfort object, a melee weapon, and a focus through which Dante and his demons can focus their magic. The board is wood reinforced with magic, and its unique properties allow it to mend itself if damaged.