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    Tertiary Characters
    (3 through 4 appearances)
    4. Azurite Wizard (+1), Black-Haired Sapphire Guardsman, Brunchroom Barkeeper, Brunchroom Warlock, Casanova Bandit, CotS Usher with sandy hair (+1), Dirt Farmer's Wife (+3), Dorukan (+10+3), Dragon (+5+1), Draketooth Genealogy (+1), Draketooth Progenitor Dragon (+1), Draketooth with Belt, Eighth Level Greysky Rogue (+2), Elan's Mother (+6+1), Elder Hobgoblin, Eric Greenhilt, Fiendish Mammoth (+1), Frost Giant Cleric with Axe, Frost Giantess with Bow-and-Arrow, Giro (+1+1), Gladiator Warden, Goblin Teen w/Braces, Grey-cloaked Sapphire Guardsman, Grey-haired Sorcerer, Hobgoblin Granary Browncloak (+1), Hobgoblin Priest with Orange Symbol, High Priestess of Iounn, High Priestess of Sigrun, High Priest of Thrym, Kitty, Kraagor (+3+2), Kubota's Samurai (+1), Lirian (+18+1), Monkey (+3), Mouse-bag of tricks, Mr. Dragon (+1+1), mungu, Old Blind Pete(+2), Purple-haired Sapphire Guardswoman (+1), Purple Spiky-haired Sapphire Guardsman (+1), Reddish Lizardfolk Gladiator, Short-Haired Bandit Girl, Sir Scraggly, Skeletal Steed (+1), Teal-haired Sapphire Guardswoman (+1), Team Peregrine Wizard, Ted (see FAQ), Tiamat (+2), Turban-Wearing Caster (+1), Unshaven Gladiator, Vaarsuvius' Green Bird, Weaker Gladiator, Weasel-Eating Ogres, White-helmeted Sapphire Guardsman (+1), Wingfooted Sapphire Guardsman, Yor (+2), Yunji (+2+1)

    3. Acolyte of Hoder with Ponytail, Armored Midriff-baring Sapphire Guardswoman, Azure City Noble with beard (+1), Azure City Noblewoman, Azure City priest with black hair, Azure City priest with blue beard, Balcony Guard, Bald Bearded Sapphire Guardsman, Balding Orc, Bearded Gladiator, Beaver from Bag of Tricks, Belkar's Dinosaur cover (+2), Big Green Bird at Air Sigil, Blond Bandit Guy, Blonde Bandit Girl, Blond Gladiator, Bloodfeast's Rider (+1), Blue-cloaked Sapphire Guardsman, Blue-haired Sapphire Sorcerer, Blue Spike Haired Sapphire Guardsman, Bodyguard Dwarf, Bodyguard Half-Orc (+1), Brunchroom Monk, Brunchroom Soulknife, Captain of Empress of Blood, Cat from Bag of Tricks, Chuck (+5+1), CotS Usher with shaved hair, CotS Vampire with long hair, Dark-Goggled Sapphire Guardsman, Demon-Roach Bookie, Dockside Hobgoblin Cleric, Draketooth by Entrance, Draketooth Comedian, Dwarf Blacksmith, Elderly Slave, Elf Bandit, Enlarged Soldiers, EoB Lizardfolk Soldier in the Inn, Ereshkigal, Eyepatched Thief (+1), Female Camel Drover, Fiendish Octopus, Flying Sapphire Sorceress, "Frost Giant with Axe, Tattoo and Beard" (+1), Frost Giant with Spangenhelm, Goblin who killed Fruitpie, Goblinoid Spy (+1), gok, Goliath, Gortok the Destroyer, Green Flesh Golem (+2+1), Grey-Shirted Orc, Halfling Bandit, High Priest of Dvalin, Hobgoblin Cleric #2, Hobgoblin Experimenters, Hobgoblin Sewer Priest, Hoskin, Human Experiments, Jacinda (+1+1), Lizardfolk Judge, Lockpicking Thief (+5+3), Long-bearded Scarred Orc, Marduk (+3+1), Mind Flayer (+1), Mischief of Hel, Navy-haired Sapphire Guardsman, Nergal, Osmium Elemental (+1), Penelope, Pepe, Pineappled Wight, Planetar-Thor's receptionist, Point-Granting Wight, Purple Worm (+1), Red-Headed Thief (+1), Resistance Halberdier, Rooster (+5), Serini Toormuck (+2+2), Sir François (+5), Tan-loinclothed Orc, Tarquin's Brown Allosaurus, Tarquin's Brown Allosaurus' Rider, Teevo, Thirden (+2), Third Wight, Thrym, Tiger (+3), Titanium Elemental (+1), Unarmored Midriff-baring Sapphire Guardswoman, Vaarsuvius' Blue Bird, Vaarsuvius' Yellow Bird, Viking-helmed Sapphire Guardsman, Watchtower Guard

    Incidental Characters
    (2 appearances)
    2. Aarindarius (+2), Acid-Born Shark (+1), Acolyte of Hoder with Clockwork Leg, Acolyte of Hoder with Goatee, Amun-Zora's Jailer, Arena Guards with Manual, Ares, Azurite Archmage, Azurite Assistant Cleric, Azurite Chef, Azurite Dentist, Azurite Priestess (+1), Azurite Priest with mustache, Azurite Sailor (+4), Azurite Swordsmith (+1+1), Bag of Tricks Badger, Banjo's Love Interest, Bearded Devil who slained, Belkar's Jailer, Belkar's Trial Guard, Bloodfeast's Guards, Bodyguard with Knight Helmet (+1), Bodyguard with Ponytail, Bodyguard with Viking Helmet, Brontosaurus, Brother Hiram, Camel Drover Elder, Camel Drover Father, Camel Drover's Son, Ceruleaus, Chang's Captain, Cherubim, Chlorine Elemental, Clipboard Guard's Assistant, CPPD Cop with brown hair, CotS Vampire Dwarf, CotS Vampire with balding head, CotS Vampire with cap, CotS Vampire with Cassock, CotS Vampire with Goatee, CotS Vampire with hood, Dark One (+11), DGS Commander, DSG Driver, DGS Gunner, DGS Shooter, Doc of the Dead, Dog (+5), Dracolisk, Dragons near barbecue sauce trap, Draketooth, Armored, Earth Sigil Guardian, Elderly Sapphire Guardswoman, EoB Human Soldier in the Inn, Executioner Bandit, Fellow Medium-Sized Paladin, Female Low-Level Cleric, Female Ogre, Female Resistance Cleric, Fire ants, Fire Sigil Guardian, Flashbacked Scarabs, Fleeing Female Wedding Guest, Fleeing Male Wedding Guest, Freya (+1), Frost Giantess with Long Hair, Frost Giantess with Medium Hair, Frost Giantess with Ponytail, Frost Giant with Balding Head, Frost Giant with Pointed Helmet, Frost Giant with Upright Horns, Frost Giant with Upside-Down Horns, Giant Hellhound, Gladiatorial Spectators, Gladiator with red hair, Gnome Artificer, Goat (+3), Goblin Dan (+1), Goblin Teen with sneakers, Green Hag, Guard Monster, Hades (+1), Head Cleric of Hoder, Hel's Guard, High Priestess of Hel, High Priestess of Njord, High Priest of Bragi, High Priest of Surtur, Hobgoblin Sewer Team, Hobgoblins of Shark tank, Hobgoblin Warrior from Strip #433 Panel 3, Hordlings, "Hors D'Oeuvres", Horse (+2), Hugin and Munin (+1), Hurak's Dwarf Tossers (+1), Hydra, Inkeeper of destroyed inn, Ishtar (+1), Jiminy (+1), Jiminy's Cat (+1), Julia's blue friend, Kandro, Kidnapped dirt farmer (+2), Kidnapper, King of Somewhere, Lakaita Secundus, Latté, Lizardfolk Gladiator with brownish skin, Lizardfolk Gladiator with green skin, Male Resistance Cleric (+1), Mechane Crewman Elf (+1), Mechane Crewman with Goatee, Mechane Crewman with Scar, Monsters in the Sack, Mijung, "Mr. Guard", Notseenicus, Oil Steward, Old Man with Cryptic Musings, Oracle's Guards, Other Bandit Who Abducted Elan, Owlbear, Palace Guard, Phylactery-Finding Hobgoblin, Pig (+4), Process Server, Process Server's Familiar, Psychiatrist, Ranch Dressing Elemental, Rooster of Azure City, Rooster's Stepson, Salamander of Fire Sigil, Sapphire Guardswoman with blue streak, Shirra, Short-haired Female Orc, Sigdi's Black Best Friend, Stupid Ogre (+6), Summoned Pit Fiends, Surtur, Surviving Bearded Devils of 826 (+1), Tarquin's Conquered, Team Harrier Scout, Therkla's Guards, Thog's Guards, Veiled Soldier, Vermillius, Violet, Warden of CPPD (+1), Warthog (+1), Weepy Hobgoblin Cleric, Xorn of Earth Sigil, Zeus (+1)

    (named characters with 1 appearance)
    (1.67x1015)Q, Amir, Aphrodite, Apollo, Ba?spear Troll, Balder, Barry White, Batman (+1), Big Bird, Bluddy, Blue?agon, Bob Bloodcamel (+1), Brad, Bragi, Buggy Lou, Burnie, Cathy, Celes Chere, Cyan Garamonde, Cyclops (+1), Dave the Displacer Beast, Dave Arneson, Demeter, Detective Elliot Stabler, Detective John Munch, Detective Odafin "Fin" Tutuola, Detective Olivia Benson, Duke Blue Devil, Dvalin, Eartha, Edgar Roni Figaro, Enriqué, Eve, Fahruzi Lakshii, Felix the Mensch, Fenrir, Ferdinand, Fidel Secundus (+4), Firestorm, Frankenstein's Monster, Freyr, Frigg, Frudu Biggens (+3), Fruit Pie the Sorcerer (+1), Fyron Pucebuckle (+3), Garm, Gary Gygax, Ghost of Lame Monsters Past, G.I. Joe, Giggles (+2), Green Lantern, Grim Reaper, Hak-Tonog the Moderately Incontinent, Harold, Hermod (+1), High Priest Hurak (+4), Hoder, Hurt, Ivan, Ivy, Iounn, Jaemin, Jim, Joe, Judy Morningstar (+1), Keeno (+1), King of Nowhere, Kodrog the Slayer, Kuurkk the Anemic, Larry, Larry Gardener (+1), Leon, Little Roc, Locke Cole, Lokor the Chronically Insecure, Madame Xanadu, Mani, Mark Cohen, Mia Starshine, Milk Dudes (+1), Mimi Márquez, Mog, Mr. Met, Muskrat 3000, Myrtok (+1), Nachos, Njord, Nurse Wretched, Odysseus, Ollie, Orrin Draketooth, Ox (+2), Pan, Pizza (+1), Polly, Popcorn (+1), Poseidon, Queen Shvitzer, Rabbit (+2), Randy, Rat (+4), Relm Arrowny, Rich Burlew (+9), Roger Davis, Ronjo, Rover, Samwose, Setzer Gabbiani, Sigrun, Shi Bao, Shlubbo Noname-zaki, Sif, Sir Thumb the Digit Knight, Skadi, Snake (+2), Soda (+2), Solt Lorkyurg, Sparky the Sun Devil, Spartacus, Spartacus, Spartacus, Strago Magus, Sunna, Tenrin Thundershield, Terra Branford, Timothy, Toby, Tom Collins, Tony, Trevon, Tyr, Tyrinar, Vafthrudnir, Weeping King, Wu Zhao

    (Unnamed Characters with one appearance and one or more appearances in bonus material or in more than one page of a multi-page comic)
    Azurite Soldier on the Wall (+1), Bearer of the Crimson Mantle (+1), Belkar's Left Shoulder Devil (+1), Belkar's Right Shoulder-Devil (+1), CPPD Prison Guard with black skin (+1), CPPD Prison Guard with brown hair (+1), Dwarf Guardian with gray hair (+1), Dwarf Guardian with red hair (+1), Dwarf with ladder (+1), Elf Thief with green hair (+1), Giant Bird (+1), Giant Frog (+2), Gnome Wizard with blue robe (+1), Golem with dark purple flesh (+1), Golem with grey flesh (+2+1), Golem with multiracial background (+1+1), Halfling Thief with black skin (+1+1), Hinjo's Junk's Crew (+3), Hobgoblin Newcomer to Granary (+1), Hobgoblin Whipper from Granary (+1), Hobgoblin Who Saved Redcloak's Life (+1), Kubota's Ninja Assassins (+1), Lirian's Treants (+3), Little Psion That Could (+1), Orc Thief with balding head (+1+1), Prison Guard of Nale and Thog, Realm of the Dragon's Elder (+1), Robot (+2), Sapphire Guardsman With Goatee (+1), Sapphire Guardswoman Who Killed the Bearer of the Crimson Mantle (+1+1), Tarquin's Ally with sword (+1), Tarquin's Slave Butler (+2), Thief with crimson hair (+1), Thief with Five-o'clock shadow (+1)

    Bonus Materials
    Characters who appear only in bonus material:
    Major Characters
    (more than 60 appearances but fewer than Durkon)
    Right-Eye (68)

    Supporting Characters
    (13 through 25 appearances)
    14. 4e!Elan

    13. 4e!Haley Starshine, 4e!Roy Greenhilt

    Recurring Characters
    (6 through 12 appearances)
    12. 4e!Vaarsuvius, Ridiziak

    11. 4e!Belkar Bitterleaf

    10. 4e!Durkon Thundershield, Narrator

    9. --

    8. Eriaxnikol

    7. Brint, Virginia

    6. Dragon Magazine Dragon, Shart

    Minor Characters
    (2 through 5 appearances)
    5. Deputy Mayor, Milky, Redcloak's Sister, Right-Eye's Daughter, Vampiric Half-Dragon Half-Troll Lycanthropic Fiendish Phrenic Snail

    4. Adventuring paladin, Adventuring sorceress, Aliyara, Amontop, Ankheg, Guard (Haleo & Julelan), Kohaku, Prison Guard, Short Black-Haired Strike Force Member, V-Necked Short-Haired Strike Force Member

    3. Adventuring Rogue, Black-Haired Female Strike Force Member, Dragon from Front of the Box, Gray-armored Strike Force Member, Gray-Bearded Goblin Cleric, Hiran Sinkeye, Imherstu, Iron Mage Host, Long Grey-Haired Female Strike Force Member, Male Bandana'ed Crewman, Mayor, Mounted Black-Haired Strike Force Member, Professor Xavion, Redcloak's Big Brother, Redcloak's Mentor, Redcloak's Uncle, Second Bald Strike Force Member, Second Female Black-Haired Strike Force Member, Short Gray-haired Strike Force Member, Spiky Gray-haired Strike Force Member, Top-knotted Strike Force Member, V-Necked Straight-Haired Strike Force Member, Yydranna.

    2. Bald Strike Force Member, Beezlebudy's Waitress, Chairman, Clang Killitchy, Date of Phil Rodriguez, Date of Shadowdancer, Date of Tarquin's Sworded Ally, Dire Puma, Ekdysdioksosiirwo, Elven Adventurer, Emmerick of Melbourne, Eyepatched Thief with Goatee, Female Spellcaster Strike Force Member, Female Spellcaster Strike Force Member's Mount, Fido/Rover, Firuk Blackore, Fong the Forger, François' Steed, Frudu's Gandalfish Companion, Giant Green Monster, Goblin Acolyte-white cloak and gray armor, Gronk, Halfling Adventurer, Human w/earmuffs, Human w/scarf, Jeff the Goblin, Katie, Keith Baker, Lady Kin-Hu's Guards, Mega-Golem, Mounted Pony-tailed Strike Force Member, Mounted Black-Haired Strike Force Member's Mount, Mounted Pony-tailed Strike Force Member's Mount, Ogre Chieftain, Pony-Tailed Strike Force Member, Redcloak's Mom, Reegon Mithrilspear, Shelby the Dragonslayer, Skeletor, Sleeping Guard, Slightly Hunched Assistant, Spider Dudes, Tiny Jim, Tyrinaarian Soldier, Unholy Master, Unremarkable Goblin, White-Helmeted Strike Force Member, Xykon's Grandmother

    (named characters with 1 appearance)
    Ali S. Fakenamington, B.A. (Knight of the Dinner Table), Barky, Bella Swan, Billy, Bloodrage Bloodsmash, Bob (Knight of the Dinner Table), Bogglesby, Bossy, Brian (Knight of the Dinner Table), Buffy Summers, Chesty, Clyde the Conjurer, Cowardly Kobold, Dandelion, Darkwaiter, Dave (Knight of the Dinner Table), Dave Robinson, Deergar Bluehawk, Dixie Null, Doug, Dumbo, Edward Cullen, Eeroniux, Eneth, Fernanzio, Fineous Fingers, Flying Graysons, Garindan, George (Goblin in Dragon Magazine), Griktak, Haru, Hobgoblin A, Hobgoblin B, Hobgoblin C, Hobgoblin D, Hobgoblin E, Ice King aka Simon Petrikov, Jack O'Neill, Jacob Black, Jeff (Fiend in No Cure for the Paladin Blues), Jenkins, Jim, Jim Slush, Juliet, Juta, Kayannara, Kevin Bacon, Kristen, Lenny "the Crushinator" Jackson, Liana, Mario, Melissa, Milkdudeicus, Moon God, Mr. Belvedere, Mr. Demon, Mr. Greygray, Myhotmagechick, Nexttodie, Optimus Prime, Otaruk, Paizo Golem, Pat Rothfus, Phil Foglio, Psteve, Ralph, Ramon, Randall, Raoul, Robin, Romeo, Samantha Carter, Sara (Knight of the Dinner Table), Sarpanit, Sean Bean, Snarf, Son of Adki, Spiky, Spook, Spud, Stanley the Tool, Superman, Suzy Finkelstein, Mr. Swordanboard, Teal'c, Telerie Windyarm, Thiana, Timothy/Delta Upsilon Mu, Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam, Tracy, Trix Rabbit, Unicorn, Wanda Firebaugh, Wernsworth, White Emperor, Wormy, Xyklon the Consequential, Yamara, Zaid
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