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    Notable Alterations
    Alternate Magical Forms:
    78: Durkon as Vampire

    68: High Priest of Hel as Durkon

    19: Sabine as Adventurer with red leather costume

    18: Vaarsuvius Soul-spliced

    13: Belkar Charmed, Miko as fallen paladin

    12: Bloodfeast as Lizard, Roy as Female

    11: Crystal as Golem, Yukyuk Dominated.

    10: Belkar Sickened, Vaarsuvius as Lizard.

    9: Durkon as Large Size, Haley as Statue

    8: Exarch of Hel as Gontor, Gontor as Vampire, Loki as Proxie, Malack vamped out

    7: Hel as Proxie, Thanh Dominated, various people as Girard's illusion, Zz'dtri as Polozius

    6: Roy with Power-up, Xykon as Phylactery

    5: Belkar as Illusion, Frost Giants Charmed, Haley Seen Invisible, Heimdall as Proxie, Pit Fiend as Statue, Qarr Dimensionally Locked, Roy as Bone Golem

    4: Draketooths as Mummies, Eugene as Being of Pure Law and Good, Exarch of Hel Gaseous, Gontor Gaseous, Haley Shrunk, High Priestess of Hel as Usher, High Priest of Odin Possessed, Hinjo as Tree, Roy Charmed, Tarquin as Thog, Vaarsuvius Seen Invisible

    3: Adolescent Black Dragon as Suggestible, Azure City Soldier as Tree, Celia as Statue,
    Creed of Stone as Vampires, Church of Hel as Creed of the Stone,Durkon as Bush, Durkon Gaseous, Durkon in Sending Spell, Elan Charmed, Enor Charmed, Girard Draketooth as illusion, Goblinoid Spy as Human, Haley Glib, High Priest of Hel as Large Size, Isamu as Wight, Leeky as Dire Bear, Lien as Tree, Redcloak as Illusion with Wrong Eye, Sabine as CPPD Cop, Sabine as Geisha, Vaarsuvius as Dragon, Xykon Regenerating

    2: Ancient Black Dragon Head Reanimated, Bozzok Frozen, Clerics of Godsmoot Possessed, Goliath as Vampire, Haley Charmed, High Priest of Hel Gaseous, High Priest of Thor Possessed, Nale in Sending Spell, Nale Seen Invisible, Sabine as Blacksmith, Sabine as Bridesmaid, Vaarsuvius in Sending Spell

    1: Azure City Resistance Seen Invisible, Azure City Resistance's Rogue as Hobgoblin, Banjo as Banjulhu, Belkar with Owl's Wisdom, Big Bird as Illusion, Celia as Darkblood Gloomgloom, chief grukgruk charmed, Daigo as Illusion, Durkon as Bat, Durkon as Illusion, Durkon as Wolf, Durkon on Macebook, Durkon Possessed, Elan as Illusion, Elan as Ogre , Elan as Warden, Elan Frozen, Elan Gaseous, Eugene Greenhilt's Illusion with Wings, Geoff in Sending Spell, Haley as Illusion, Haley Frozen, High Priest of Dvalin Possessed, High Priest of Hel as Bat, High Priest of Hel as Wolf, High Priest of Hel Possessed, Hinjo as Illusion, Hobgoblin Sewer Priest in Sending Spell, Julia in Sending Spell, Kazumi as Illusion, Malack Dominating, Malack Gaseous, Malack on Macebook, Mr. Scruffy Charmed, Nale Charmed, Niu in Sending Spell, Ogre Female as Male, Roy Resurrecting, Sabine as Dave, Sabine as Evil Queen, Sabine as Fortune Teller, Sabine as Schoolgirl, Shojo as Giant Illusory Head, Silicon Elemental Charmed, Tarquin's Triceratops Charmed, Vaarsuvius as Badger, Vaarsuvius as Tree, Vaarsuvius Frozen,
    Xykon as Frog, Zz'dtri as Elf with purple hair

    Other Interesting Alterations:
    31: Haley speaking in Cryptogram

    28: Redcloak with One Eye

    23: Roy as Spirit

    19: Nale as Elan

    13: Kazumi as Pregnant

    10: Empress of Blood on Banner, Haley's Self-Loathing

    7: Thog in Rage

    6: Elan as Nale

    5: Soon Kim as Ghost-Martyr

    4: Durkon as chalk drawing, Draketooth Family on Genealogical Chart, Girard Draketooth as Statue, Redcloak on banner, Sapphire Guard as Ghost-Martyrs, Xykon as Doll

    3: Blue-Bearded Sapphire Guardsman as spirit, Do-Ragged Sapphire Guardsman as spirit, Ereshkigal as Idol, Eugene Greenhilt as Mortal, Eyepatched Sapphire Guardsman as spirit, Haley's Self-Reliance, Haley's Optimism, Kraagor as Statue, Lord Shojo as vision, Nergal as Idol

    2: Belkar as green line, Blackwing as Spirit, Haley as Dark Mistress Shadowgale, Haley's Anger, Haley's Intellect, Haley's Mistrust, Haley's Sense of Humor, Haley's Vanity, Ian Starshine on Poster, Jirix Hypoxic, OotS on Book Cover, Roy on poster, Thog on Poster, Vaarsuvius as Spirit, Vaarsuvius' Green Bird as Food, Xykon as Statue, Xykon on Poster

    1: Azure City High Priest as Spirit, Belkar and Miko as blood painting, Belkar, Lord Shojo, and Mr. Scruffy as game pieces, Belkar as Human, Belkar as Sheep, Belkar as Shojo, Belkar as Statue, Dark One in Painting, Durkon as Band-Aids, Elan as Bard Boy, Elan as Elanasaurus Rex, Elan as XP, Elan, Nale, Sabine and Thog on blueprint, Empress of Blood on Shield, Enor as Mr. Scruffy, Enor on Book Cover, Flumphs as Sand Statue, Gannji as Belkar, Gannji on Book Cover, Geoff in Painting, Haley as Action Figures, Haley's Envy, Haley's Latent Bisexuality, Hinjo as Hinjoker, Inkyrius on Parchment, Ishtar as Statue, Ivy in Painting, Julio Scoundrl as Meme, Julio Scoundrl on Magazine Cover, Kobold Oracle on City Sign, Malack on Book Cover, Marduk as Statue, Mr. Scruffy as Statue, Mr. Scruffy with Shojo's body, Mr. Scruffy with wings, Nale on Poster, OOTS as Illithid Food , Order of the Scribble in Serini's Diary, Qarr as Alfred, Redcloak as Statue, Roy as Mummy, Roy as Shadow, Roy as Statue, Roy as Vampire, Sara Greenhilt as mortal, Shojo as Halfling, Shojo as Playing Card, Shojo with winged Mr. Scruffy body, Tarquin as Statue, Tarquin in Manual, Tarquin on Book Cover, Teal-haired Sapphire Guardswoman as spirit, Therkla as Ninja Girl, Thin Empress of Blood, Thog on T-Shirt, Thor as Statue, Tiamat as Statue, Twelve Gods on tapestry, Vaarsuvius as Macaroni Drawing, Vaarsuvius' Blue and Yellow Birds as Food, Xykon as Human
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