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    Quote Originally Posted by wrecan View Post

    Q. Where did you get the idea to do this?

    A. This started as a game (guess which character had the most appearances, then second most, etc.), but once all characters with three or more appearances were guessed, someone had the idea of keeping a running total, just for curiosity's sake. Then someone thought it might belong here instead of silly games, so n11 moved the list here instead of there. When n11's thread got 'ported over to the new forum, the formatting changes made it difficult to read. Plus, n11 hasn't shown up for quite a few comics, so the list was falling hopelessly out of date. So i have reformatted the list for the new forums and updated it. N11 hasn't shown up in the new incarnation of the forums, so now i'm doing it. You can see the second iteration of the thread at Number of Character Appearances (improved!), and the third iteration of the thread at Number of Character Appearances III (and the fourth iteration of the thread at Number of Character Appearances IV). The first iteration of the thread was purged when the boards were purged in february 2009.

    Q. What counts as an appearance?

    A. Any likeness of the character being visible (so elan's appearance on nale's blueprint counts, and belkar's self-portrait in blood counts) and any dialog from a character, even if "off-panel" or invisible (so the strip where the party is in the invisibility sphere counts for each of the main characters). Also, when someone appears as someone else (for instance when nale impersonates elan), that counts as an appearance for both the character in disguise and the character being impersonated.

    Q. What's with the stuff in red and blue?

    A. Red means an appearance in bonus strips from the books (including the coloring books), the kickstarter extras, and the strips published in dragon magazine. Each page of the book or magazine is treated as a separate strip. Blue means an appearance on multiple pages of a multi-page comic.

    Thanks to fawkes (aka mechafox), paladin carver, porthos, flame of anor, spod, gift jeraff, rms oceanic, 2.5 cats, vargtass, ti'esar, yendor, and all the other members who helped to compile all those bonus appearances!

    Q. If two characters have the same number of appearances, in what order do you list them?

    A. Characters are listed first by the number of standard appearances (as indicated with black numbers), and then alphabetically.

    Q. What happened to the death notices?

    A. In prior iterations of this thread, we used superscripted letters to indicate who killed or dismissed certain characters. But we decided that it was really not part of this thread's mission to serve as a running obituary. If you are interested in that, may we suggest the graveyard?

    Q. Why haven't you listed the goblins/hobgoblins/zombies/ghouls/ghasts/azure city guards?

    A. A character only gets listed if it is recognizable as an individual or if it's a recurring distinct group (such as the flumphs or the demon roaches). The indistinct masses do not get listed.

    Q. How did you choose the name for ?

    A. Monster in the darkness is a frequently used name. There are others, but there's nothing that has been definitively established as his name. Until we get a firm name or identity, we will continue to call him "monster in the darkness".

    Q. What about the [insert unnamed character that only appears once]?

    A. If a character appears only once and is not named, then it doesn't get listed. Otherwise, the list would be completely unmanageable.

    Q. Who is ted?

    A. The appearances of a goblin caster in #90, #93, #105, and #107 could be the same caster, given the limited context, and he could be given the same “ted” first mentioned in #90, but the giant has specified no such connection was ever intended. We're listing him anyway because we think it's clever.

    Q. Hey didn't you list sabine's fiendish form as an alternate form? And wasn't this faq question previously about that?

    A. Yes. Sabine used to be listed with her red-leathered adventurer form (the one she originally appeared in) as her "natural" form and her fiendish form as a magical alteration. But now she has appeared in her fiendish form more often than her leather-clad form, so i've switched it around. Her fiendish form is now her natural form and the red-leather clad adventurer is one of her alternate magical forms (along with the cop, geisha, schoolgirl, guardsman, and fortune-teller disguises she's assumed).

    Q. Why is banjo listed as a character? Banjo is an inanimate object!

    A. Blasphemy!! Seriously, you're probably right. But we like banjo.

    Q. Why isn't o-chul's first appearance listed in strip 290 (fourth frame)?

    A. That is not o-chul. That is "fellow medium-sized paladin".

    Q. Why is jirix' first appearance listed as strip 459? That cleric's holy symbol looks different and strip 704 implies that when o-chul killed him it was the first time he had died.

    A. In commentary in don't split the party, the giant said he felt jirix was the cleric in the tower.

    Q. Why is shlubbo noname-zaki from strip 435 listed? That's not his real name.

    A. Well, it could be his real name. Either way, it's funny.

    Q. What does not count as an "alternate magical forms"?

    A. We don't treat views of characters through scrying spells or devices, or characters covered in auras due to spellcasting or having a spell cast upon them, or conditions with no obviously magical cues (such as paralysis) as alternate magical forms.

    Q. Why doesn't paralysis (such as from hold person) count as an alternate magical form?

    A. We decided that since paralysis does not include any visual cues in the comic (other than absurd posturing), it should not be counted.

    Q. What does not count as an "other interesting alteration"?

    A. We don't treat corpses, changes in age, or costuming as interesting alterations.

    Quote Originally Posted by unbeliever536 View Post
    Q. Why is Wrecan bolded?

    Mark Monack, who went by Wrecan on these forums, was the curator of this thread in its second through fourth editions (a total tenure of about six and a half years). In that time he was also a well-respected member of the forums. As discussed in this news post, he died in 2013, and the Giant decided to name a character after him in tribute. He first appeared in strip #986 alongside the kickstarter cameo character, Veldrina. Strip #1025, which appears to be his last major speaking appearance, contains a number of tributes to him. The strip's title, "Mark of Distinction", includes his name. In reference to this thread, he mentions counting the number of times each legacy bearer is mentioned in his book on Weapons of Legacy. He also mentions that he likes to study obscure martial lore, which may be a reference to the Class and Level Geekery thread, which he also curated in its second through fifth editions. Finally, his exchange with Roy at the end of strip #1025 is in part a means for the Giant to bid farewell to the actual Wrecan, as well as for the readers (and Roy) to bid farewell to the character.

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