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    Thryza Kazari
    Age: 22
    Race: Human
    Alig: Mostly TN.
    Class: Hermetic Alchemist

    Thryza is a slender gal of about 5'8", her hair black and streaked with indigo, streaming down her back while two long locks cascade from behind her ears to flow over her shoulders and another obscures the left of her rainy-grey eyes.
    She wears a dark red longsleeve top under a black hoodie and dull canvas jacket, with heavy boots and dark brown cargo pants. On her right hand she wears a fingerless leather glove.
    Her torso, legs, and upper arms are dotted with tattoos in teal and royal blue and cobalt.

    Thryza's body can naturally produce strong acidic and basic substances. She is also very physically fit and a formidable combatant.
    Her alchemical symbol tattoos are as follows:
    • Hyperthermal Touch (Moderate)
    • Aerodisplacement Detonation (Small)
    • Supercool/Superheat Liquid (Small)
    • Shatter Stone/Metal/Glass (Minor)

    These are effects which she can use at will with a short cooldown time for each one. More potent alchema can be used, but she must draw out the symbols on a surface. She's working on her mother's technique, the drawing of symbols directly in the air, but it is a difficult thing.

    Her left arm is a metal prosthetic, containing a long razor-like blade in the wrist. There are several compartments in it as well.
    She carries a two-shot derringer, usually concealed in an arm compartment.

    Thryza was the child of Teresa Kazari, a scientist researching the alchemical duality of the ultimate healing substance Azoth and the prime solvent Alkahest; these two are not only hugely important in and of themselves, but also are required for the formation of what some call the Cintamani, what Thryza calls al-Kibrit al-Ahmar, but most call the Philosopher's Stone, the end of all alchemy.
    Unfortunately, her experiments took her from her daughter when Thryza was young, so she was passed around among family members. She wants to carry on her mother's work, and wanders in search of aid in her task.
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