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Thread: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

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    Current Projects:
    --[5E - Archetype]Shadow Striker (Roguish Archetype)
    --[5E - Archetype]Divine Trickster (Roguish Archetype)
    --[PF - Archetype] Malconvoker (Summoner)
    --[PF - Class] Death Knight (on hold)
    --[PF - Archetype] Rage Prophet (Oracle)
    --[PF - Archetype] Support Archetype Set
    --[PF - Archetype] Earth Warden

    Past Projects:
    --[PF - Race] Sprite
    --[PF - Bloodline] Spellsinger
    --[PF - Bloodline] Fascinating
    --[PF - Archetype] Slugger Sorcerer
    --[PF - Archetype] Three Katanas Fighter
    --[PF - Archetype] Theurge (Wizard)
    --[PF - Archetype] Undead Scourge (Oracle)
    --[PF - Archetype] Arcane Archer (Magus)
    --[PF - Archetype] Mason (Wizard)
    --[PF - Archetype] Dojo Sorcerer
    --[PF - Base class] Wildshaper
    --[PF - Revision] Wild Shape & Druids

    --[3.5 - PrC] Master of Shrouds (new/fix)
    --[3.5 - PrC] Prophet of Nerull
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