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    1 stunt die for Heissa (1 success), 2 stunt dice for Nyklis (1 success), and 2 stunt dice for Diemut (0 successes).

    Heissa's steam bolt flash-cooks the head of one of the attacking greenskins, killing him instantly. Nyklis finds himself sparing with a scarred greenskin warrior with broad spiraling tattoos instead of war-paint. His swing barely slips past the leader's guard, rapping his opponent across the cheek and leaving a nasty bruise, but the fog around the greenskin suddenly heats to scalding, leaving him with a painful burn.

    Diemut disembowels a warrior as the greenskins charge, but the group is quickly surrounded. The greenskins swing and stab with clubs and spears, these warriors more skilled than those that attacked the village.


    Nyklis took one level of lethal damage from the hot steam.

    Attacks on Nyklis:

    Attacks on Heissa:

    Attacks on Diemut:

    Note: These guys aren't heroic (except for the leader), so the 10s on these rolls aren't two successes.

    Tick 0: Heissa
    Tick 3: Nyklis, Thark
    Tick 4: Diemut, Greenskins
    Tick 5: Heissa
    Tick 8: Nyklis
    Tick 9: Thark, Diemut, Greenskins
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