"I'm fine!

But be careful, this guy's got some kind of magic!"

is what I try to say. I don't have the breath to say it properly, since I'm in the middle of a fight, but I think the message gets across.

Speaking of a fight...there are three ugly barbarians trying to kill me. Fortunately, they're not doing a very good job. I move to keep the boss (and his superheated mist) between myself and them.

When they follow me, moving over the growth I was standing on a moment ago, I step forwards and smack one of them with my club. I try to time my swing to catch him as he moves over the growth, so he'll be off-balance. Maybe I'll be able to knock him into their leader's mist.

Ouch. At least I don't have a wound penalty yet.

Anyway, my DV is 2 with the penalty from attacking. The best attack had 3 successes, so they all miss if I get a stunt bonus.

I'll regain 4 motes from my successful stunt. Then I'll spend them all on another attack. Aiming at a mook this time.