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    "Well, at least they didn't catch us by surprise." grumbled Diemut. This is why I didn't want to fight them here. Outnumbered, out flanked...heck we didn't even stick to the walls so they couldn't hit us from behind.

    The yound ashwalker swirled around in a circle as she tried to make her way over to Nyklis, giving the greenskins as small a chance to hit her from behind as possible. Her foot steps were quick, but steady on the cavern floor. Can't risk falling over. Can't help anyone when you're dead.

    Of course just because Diemut was making a bee-line while twirling like a dancer doesn't mean she wasn't doing damage. Sigmund's Legacy spun with her, in a multiitude of grand swinging slashes, never stopping with the full weight of Diemut's motions and body behind it.

    Sliver Lady's Grace, I better not get dissy.

    Most of that is just a fancy way of saying Diemut is getting closer to Nyklis before (Thark?) can do anymore damage.
    The rest is an attack, die roll below.
    (11d10)[5][3][3][6][7][8][10][3][6][10][10](71) +stunts. If I get any. Spending a willpower for an autosucess. From D's perspective, the group is in trouble.
    Of course if Rolf would pick then to show up...

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