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I have to ask something here... How is dr 20 (at level 20) anything even vaguely useful? Most of the melee characters in my groups can frequently hit 40 damage... at level 7. The party does 100's a round with good rolls. At level 20? Ha give me DR 100/- as a challenge.
Well, it does apply to each hit, not per round; someone using a ton of natural weapons and flurrying is going to feel the pinch unless they can break it. (DR 20/- on someone who makes 15+ attacks per round is a solid 300 damage less, which is nothing to sneeze at.) For that matter, even if it only reduces damage by 15% or less, it's still having some effect.

Finally, it's unlikely that monsters do as much damage per hit as optimized melee PCs, and since this is designed as a primarily PC ability to help against NPCs or monsters, that's the relevant case.

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As for the undead monk, dont worry about it. On the official type ranking pyramid, outsider and undead are both top level that cannot be over-ridden any further.
The type pyramid is an artifact of 3.0; it no longer exists, and a 3.5 creature can only be of one type. Also, the problems of having, or not having, a Con score, immunities relating to not being alive, and so on are not resolved by handwaving some sort of Heisenberg uncertainty monk.