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    Default Re: The Stick Awards II: Second Edition (Results and General Commentary)

    Quote Originally Posted by Bird View Post
    Cool thread.

    Two years is a while. How about 20 at a time? Or how about 10 strips every five days?
    Twenty at a time is just too much, IMO. I want a slightly narrower focus than that.

    Also my comment about two years wasn't so much to say "OMG, this is gonna take forever" so much as instead to say "This is a project where we intentionally want to take our time doing it." A casual stroll through the archives as it were instead of speed run.

    Plus that will give us time to cover the comics that The Giant posts in the meantime.

    Ten strips in five days might be doable though. After all, if people are only responding to the threads for the first four days or so, there's no real reason to wait until going to the next batch. The only real reason I said a week is because that's how long the original Stick Awards was (before shifting to a slightly smaller time period later on). Well that, and I want people who only come onto the forum every once in a while to have the chance to say what they think.
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